List of names of European cities in different languages

Many cities in Europe have different names in different languages. Some cities have also undergone name changes for political or other reasons. This article attempts to give all known different names for all major cities that are geographically or historically and culturally in Europe. It also includes some smaller towns that are important because of their location or history.

This article does not offer any opinion about what the "original", "official", "real" or "correct" name of any city is or was. Cities are listed alphabetically by their current best-known name in English. The English version is followed by variants in other languages, in alphabetical order by name, and then by any historical variants and former names. Several cities have diacritics in their listed name in English. It is very common that the press strip the diacritics and that means a parallel diacritic-free version is very often used in English. Foreign names that are the same as their English equivalents may be listed.

Note: The blue asterisks generally indicate the availability of a Wikipedia article in that language for that city; it also provides additional reference for the equivalence. Red asterisks or a lack of an asterisk indicate that no such article exists, and that these equivalents without further footnotes should be viewed with caution.

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  • For Albanian names:
    • Albecorp, Atlas Gjeografik I Botës (1997)
  • For Bulgarian names:
    • Атлас География (1998)
  • For Croatian names:
    • Znanje, Školski Atlas, ISBN 953-195-142-X (2000)
  • For Czech names:
  • For Danish names:
  • For Dutch names:
  • For Estonian names:
  • For Finnish names:
  • For French names:
    • LaRousse, Atlas Général (1976)
    • Magellan, Atlas Pratique, ISBN 2-237-00236-3 (1997)
  • For German names:
  • For Greek names:
  • For Hungarian names:
  • For Irish names:
    • Collins-Longman, Atlas a haon do scoileanna na hÉireann (1977)
  • For Italian names:
  • For Latvian names:
  • For Macedonian names:
    • Mojot Атлас (1991)
  • For Maltese names:
    • Lizio Zerafa, Agħraf Pajjiżek, Il-Ġografija (1992)
  • For Norwegian names:
  • For Polish names:
  • For Portuguese names:
  • For Romanian names:
  • For Russian names:
  • For Serbian names:
    • Географски Атлас (1997)
  • For Slovak names:
  • For Slovene names:
  • For Spanish names:
  • For Swedish names:
  • For Turkish names:
  • For Ukrainian names:
    • Атлас Світу (1999)
  • For Welsh names: