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The Namco System N2 arcade platform runs on an nForce2-based motherboard that NVIDIA developed. It is based on a NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, using the OpenGL API.

Both Namco System N2 and Namco System ES1 use the Linux operating system that is based on Debian.

The Namco System ES2 PLUS and Namco System ES3 run Windows Embedded 7 as their operating system. It runs in an arcade game cabinet designed by Bandai Namco Games.


Because the N2, ES1(A2), ES2 Plus and ES3 are based on PC architecture, development for it and porting from it is relatively easy and inexpensive.


Namco System N2Edit

  • Motherboard: MSI K7N2GM-IL (NVIDIA nForce2 Chipset, Custom BIOS) (Japan/Asia) / ASUS M2N-MX (Export, Standard BIOS)
  • CPU: AMD K7 Mobile Athlon XP 2800+ at 2.13GHz (Socket A/462) [1] (Japan/Asia) / AMD Athlon 64 3500+ at 2.2GHz (Socket 939) [2] (Export)
  • RAM: 1×1GB / 2×1GB DDR 400 MHz 3200 MB/s
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 4 Series / GeForce 7600 GS AGP with 256/512MB GDDR2 memory
  • Output: 1 DVI port, 1 VGA port, 1 S-Video port
  • Storage: Seagate 80GB (Japan/Asia) / WD 80GB PATA IDE HDD (Export)
  • Operating System: Linux 32-bit (Debian 2.6 based)
  • Sound: stereo RCA output from front panel audio with external AMP PCB (Audio duplicated to rear speakers by amp)
  • Protection: HASP HL Max/RTC USB dongle (v0.06)


Namco System ES1Edit


Namco System ES2 PLUSEdit

Namco System ES3Edit


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Similar HardwareEdit

The Sega Lindbergh, Taito's Taito Type X and Taito Type X+ operate in a similar way to the N2 platform, except that they use other operating systems.