Nam Gi-ae (Korean:남기애; born on 13 September 1961)[1] is a South Korean actress in Chung-Ang University, Department of Theater and Film.[2] She made her acting debut in 1998, since then, she has appeared in number of plays, films and television series. She is known for her supporting roles in Suspicious Partner (2017), Flower of Evil (2020), and Now, We Are Breaking Up (2021). She has acted in films such as: The Merciless (2017) and High Society (2018) among others.[3]

Nam Gi-ae
Nam Gi-ae 남기애.png
Nam Gi-ae in March 2019
Born (1961-09-13) 13 September 1961 (age 61)
Other names
  • Nam Ki-ae
  • Nam Nam-ae
  • Actress
  • Theater actor
Years active1998–present
AgentAce Factory
Nam Gi-ae
Revised RomanizationNam Giae
McCune–ReischauerNam Kiae


Nam Gi-ae is affiliated to artist management company Ace Factory since 2019. She made her acting debut in plays in 1998 and her TV series debut in 2015 in All About My Mom. Since then she has appeared in supporting roles in Oh My Venus (2015), Descendants of the Sun, Another Miss Oh , and MBC TV's fantasy comedy W (2016). In 2017, she got recognition by appearing in KBS's mystery comedy Ms. Perfect, Suspicious Partner, and JTBC's melodrama Rain or Shine. In 2018, Nam was seen in tvN's suspense drama Mother, KBS TV series Love to the End, Matrimonial Chaos and tvN's romance drama Encounter.[4]

In 2019, Nam was part of main cast in tvN's legal drama Confession.[5]

In 2020, she was cast in tvN's suspense TV series Flower of Evil.[6]

In 2021 she appeared in Sell Your Haunted House, Chimera, Jirisan, The Red Sleeve, SBS's romantic TV series Now, We Are Breaking Up as Kang Jeong-ja, mother of Song Hye-kyo's character and JTBC's mystery drama Artificial City.[7]

In 2022 she appeared in JTBC's romantic drama Thirty-Nine as mother of the one of the main leads.[8]



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2016 Snow Paths Kim Seong-sim [9]
2017 The Merciless Hyun-soo's mother [10]
2018 High Society Madam 1
2019 Exit Lee In-sook
2020 Pray Yeong-ae, Jeong-in's mother [11]

Television seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2015 Oh My Ghost Seo Bing-go's customer Special appearance [9]
All About My Mom Hong Yoo-ja
Oh My Venus Je Soon-ja
2016 Descendants of the Sun Kang Mo-yeon's mother
Monster Jung Mi-ok
Another Miss Oh Heo Ji-ya
W Gil Soo-sun
Be Positive Hwan-dong's mother
2016-17 Night Light Moon Hee-jeong
2017 Introverted Boss [10]
Ms. Perfect Choi Duk-boon / Moon Hyung-sun
My Secret Romance Jo Mi-hee
Suspicious Partner Hong Bok-ja
Stranger Choi Kyung-soon
Hospital Ship Lee Soo-kyung
KBS Drama Special - "If We Were a Season" Kim Mi-hee Season 8, Episode 1
2018 Rain or Shine Joo-won's mom
Mother Mother of Nam Hong-hee
Suits CEO Sim Young Joo Special appearance
Love to the End Ha Yeong-ok [12]
Life Mother of Jin-woo and Sun-woo
Matrimonial Chaos Baek Mi-yeon [13]
Encounter Jin Mi-ock [14]
2019 Haechi Queen Inwon [11]
Confession Madame Jin [15]
Catch the Ghost Han Ae-sim [16]
2020 When the Weather Is Fine Yoon Yeo-jeong [17]
Flower of Evil Gong Mi-ja, Hee-sung's mother [18]
2021 Sell Your Haunted House Joo Kyeong-hee [19]
Jirisan Kang Hyun-jo's mother [20]
Chimera Cha Eun-soo, Hee-sung's mother [21]
The Red Sleeve Royal Noble Consort Yeong-bin Yi [22]
Now, We Are Breaking Up Kang Jeong-ja [23]
2021-22 Artificial City Min Ji-yeong - Seo Yeong-ho's wife, Min Seong-sik's sister [24]
2022 Thirty-Nine Jang Joo-hee's mother [25]
Doctor Lawyer Han Yi-han's mother [26]
2023 Call It Love Ma Hee-ja [27]
The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Queen Dowager [28]


Year Title Role Notes
2009 Pine Tree in Front of the Yard Mother [29]
2011 Scandal Gang Mrs. Sneawell
2012 Cola Girl Eldest daughter-in-law
Please Turn Off the Lights Woman
2021 Oil Ma Singer
Lovesong Maggie Abi Morgan's play[30]
2022 Vincent River Anita [31]


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