Nalinaksha Roy

Raja Nalinaksha Roy (6 June 1902 – 7 October 1951) was the 49th Raja of the Chakma Circle.[1]

Nalinaksha Roy
Chief of the Chakma Circle
Reign7 March 1935 - 7 October 1951
PredecessorBhuvan Mohan Roy
SuccessorTridiv Roy
Born6 June 1902
Chittagong Hill Tracts, British India
Died7 October 1951 (1951-10-08) (aged 49)
SpouseBenita Roy
  • Amiti Roy
  • Tridiv Roy
  • Samit Roy
  • Moitri Roy
  • Rajashree Roy
  • Nandit Roy


Roy married Rani Benita Roy (1905–1990) née Sen, the daughter of Barrister Saral Sen and granddaughter of "Brahmanand" Keshub Chandra Sen, a Hindu social reformer from Brahma Samaj. He was installed as Chakma Raja on 7 March 1935.

Roy had three sons, Tridiv Roy, Samit Roy, Nandit Roy, and three daughters, Amiti Roy, Moitri Roy, and Rajashree Roy.[2][self-published source?]

Roy met Sir John Anderson, the Governor of Bengal, at Rangamati in November 1935 during the latter's tour of the Chittagong Hill Tracts District.[3]

It was during Roy's reign that India and Pakistan gained independence in 14–16 August 1947 CE and the Chittagong Hill Tracts was assigned to the independent State of Pakistan, though the district had a 98% non-Muslim population.


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