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The Russian cruiser Aurora was the first campus and training ship of the Nahkimov Naval School.

The Nakhimov Naval School or simply Nakhimov School (Russian: Нахимовское военно-морское училище) is a form of military education for teenagers introduced in the Soviet Union and once also located in other cities. They are named after Imperial Russian admiral Pavel Nakhimov.[1]

The first Nakhimov School was introduced in Tbilisi in 1943 during the Great Patriotic War, for sons of military personnel who died in action. The Tbilisi Nakhimov Naval School (ru:Тбилисское Нахимовское военно-морское училище) existed during 1943-1955.[2] In 1944 the Leningrad Nakhimov Naval School started to operate. The Riga Nakhimov Naval School Latvian: Rigas Nachimova Skola) existed during 1945-1953.[3]

Today in Russia, only the St. Petersburg Nakhimov School[1] continues to exist. Since the annexation of Crimea, Russia has taken over jurisdiction of the Nakhimov Naval School in Sevastopol. The school today offers teenage boys preparation for service as officers in the Russian Navy, secondary education, and military-style training in national naval traditions. As of 2017, the school has campuses in Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, Murmansk and Sevastopol, three of which were formerly cadet schools while one is the first branch to be fully operational after many years.


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