Nairobi Railway Museum

The Nairobi Railway Museum is a railway museum in Nairobi, Kenya, adjacent to Nairobi railway station. Containing exhibits from the defunct East African Railways, it was opened in 1971 by East African Railways and Harbours Corporation. It is operated by Kenya Railways.[1]

Nairobi Railway Museum
KUR 87 Karamoja at the Museum
KUR 87 Karamoja at the Museum
Nairobi Railway Museum is located in Nairobi
Nairobi Railway Museum
Nairobi Railway Museum
Location in Nairobi
Established1971 (1971)
  • Station Road
  • 00200 Nairobi
  • Kenya
Coordinates1°17′35″S 36°49′21″E / 1.29306°S 36.82250°E / -1.29306; 36.82250Coordinates: 1°17′35″S 36°49′21″E / 1.29306°S 36.82250°E / -1.29306; 36.82250
TypeRailway museum
OwnerKenya Railways Corporation
Public transit accessNairobi railway station
WebsiteNairobi Railway Museum
An unusual exhibit at the museum

The museum has maintained its rail connection. This allows for the efficient movement of museum exhibits for maintenance and placing items in the collection.

The three operational steam locomotives are stored securely under cover within the main railway works. Visitors must request an appointment to view them.[1] They have not been used for several years. One of the display locomotives, 301 (2301) was used in the 1985 movie, Out of Africa.

The museum's collection also includes early diesel locomotives and passenger coaches. Friends of the Railway Museum East Africa (FORM East Africa), a concern encompassing Railway and Locomotive enthusiasts, has assisted in sourcing and securing artifacts for the museum.[citation needed]

In January 2011, a working miniature railway was installed to enhance activity at the museum. This miniature train was formerly used to promote Kenya Railways (KR) on exhibitions, such as the Nairobi Show. It consists of a locomotive with a petrol-engine, and several coaches made of wood.

Exhibited locomotivesEdit

The museum exhibits a number of engines, including:[1][2]

Railway Number Name Manufacturer Class Wheel arrangement EAR&H number Status[3]
Kenya-Uganda Railway 327 Vulcan Foundry ED1 2-6-2T EAR 1127 Display
87 Karamoja Beyer-Peacock EC3 4-8-4+4-8-4 EAR 5711 Display
2401 Vulcan Foundry EB3 4-8-0 Display
2409 Vulcan Foundry EB3 4-8-0 Operational
5505 Beyer-Peacock GB 4-8-2+2-8-4 Display
393 Nasmyth Wilson EE 2-6-4T EAR 1003 Display[4]
Tanganyika Railway 301* Beyer Peacock DL 4-8-0 EAR 2301 Display
East African Railways 2921 Masai of Kenya North British Tribal 2-8-2 Display
3020 Nyaturu North British Tribal 2-8-4 Operational
3123 Bavuma Vulcan Foundry Tribal 2-8-4 Display
5918 Mount Gelai Beyer-Peacock Mountain 4-8-2+2-8-4 Operational
5930 Mount Shengena Beyer-Peacock Mountain 4-8-2+2-8-4 Display
6006 Sir Harold MacMichael Société Franco-Belge Governor 4-8-2+2-8-4 Display
Magadi Soda Company Hugh F Marriott W.G. Bagnall 0-4-0ST Display
Hugh F. Marriott at display at the Railways Museum

The museum's W.G. Bagnall engine, Hugh F Marriott, was built in Stafford, England, in 1951. It operated as a switcher at the Magadi Soda Company until 1970.[5] *301 was used in the 1985 Movie, Out of Africa (film).[6]


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