Nagen Saikia

Nagen Saikia (Assamese: নগেন শইকীয়া) (born on 11 February 1939) is an Indian writer. He was formerly a professor of Dibrugarh University. Saikia had also been a member of the Rajya Sabha from 1986-1992 and was the vice-chairman of the Upper House from 1990-1992.[1] Saikia started his career as a teacher and went on to serve in different reputed institutions in various categories. He also delivered lectures on various topics about Assamese literature, including in the US and England. He has published numerous literary essays, short stories, novels, books and articles, to his credit. Saikia was conferred with the Sahitya Akademi award in 1997 for his short stories collection Andharat Nizar Mukh and was honoured by the Mohan Chandra Sahitya Sabha in 1980 for Chinta aru Charcha.[2] He was conferred the Sahitya Akademi Fellowship, the highest honour conferred by the Sahitya Akademi on the most distinguished Indian writers.[3][4]

Nagen Saikia.jpg
Born11 February 1939
Golaghat , Assam
Resting placeDibrugarh, Assam
Occupation• Professor in Dibrugarh University,
• Former member of the Rajya Sabha from 1986-1992.
Nationality India
Notable worksMit-Bhash (মিতভাষ)
Notable awardsSahitya Akademi Award (1997)
Assam Valley Literary Award (2007)

Early lifeEdit

Saikia was born in 1939 Hatiakhowa to Umaram Saikia and Hemaprabha Saikia, Golaghat district of Assam. He started his primary education in borkathoni L.P. school and later went to Kakodonga M.E. School. He passed his matriculation from Dhekial H. E. School in 1957 securing first division. In 1959 he passed his I. A. (Higher Secondary) from J. B. College, Jorhat. He was graduated from D. R. College, Golaghat in 1961. He had done his Post- Graduation in Assamese (Literature) from Gauhati University, Guwahati in 1964. He did his Ph. D. from Dibrugarh University in 1982 under the supervision of Mahendra Borah for his thesis A Critical Study of the Social and Intellectual Background of Modern Assamese Literature 1826-1903.[5]


Nagen Saikia started his professional career as a teacher in Hatiakhowa H.E. School and Dhekial H. E. School from 1959 to 1965. He served as an Assistant Editor in Asom Batori in 1965. From 1965 to 1971 Nagen Saikia served as a lecturer in Assamese in Diphu College, The New Jorhat College and Devicharan Barua College. In 1972 he joined as a lecturer in the department of Assamese in Dibrugarh University and continued till 1986. During this period he also served as a Secretary of the Co- Ordination Committee for publication of Text books in Assamese, Dibrugarh University. Saikia had also been a member of the Rajya Sabha from 1986-1992 and was the vice-chairman of the Upper House from 1990-1992.[6]
In 1992 Saikia joined as Professor of the Lakshminath Bezbaroa chair in the department of Assamese in Dibrugarh University. He was an editor of Natun Dainik, an Assamese daily in 2003 and Amar Asom in 2004-06.

Travelled Abroad of Dr. Saikia

Honorary Office :




  • Kuber Hati Barua(A collection of Short-stories), 1967
  • Chabi Aru Frame(A collection of Short-stories), 1969
  • Bandha Kothat Dhumuha (A collection of Short-stories), 1971
  • Matir Chakir Jui (A collection of Short-stories), 1976
  • Astitvar Sikali (A collection of Short-stories), 1976
  • Aparthiva-Parthiva (A collection of Short-stories), 1982
  • Andharat Nizar Mukh (A collection of Short-stories), 1995
  • Bhagna Upakul (Novel), 1983
  • Amerikat Dahdin (Travelogue), 1988
  • Maha Chinar Dinlipi (Travelogue), 1994
  • Swapna aru Smriti and Dhulir Dhemali (Autobiographies), 2002
  • Hemanta Kalar Ati Gadhulit, (A collection of Short-Stories), 2001


  • Mita-Bhas ( A collection of short expressions, A new literary genre introduced by the author), 1995
  • Swapna-Smriti-Visad (A collection of Mita-Bhas), 1997


  • Background of Modern Assamese Literature, 1988
  • Chinta Aru Charcha, 1980
  • Unabimsa Satikar AsamiyaBhasar Samkat, 1988
  • Bharatar Samskritik Aitijya aru Anyanya Rachana, 1993
  • Agnigarbha Asam, 1993
  • Asamiya Kabita aru Anyanya Bisay, 1996
  • Gavesana-Padhati-Parichaya (A Book on Research Methodology in Assamese), 1996
  • Tulanamulak Sahitya-Bichar (A book on Comparative Literature), 1996
  • Sambadikata: Eti Gadhur aru Pavitra Dayitva, 2000
  • Unavimsa Satikar Asam: Andhar aru Pohar, 2002?
  • Ejan Santa Tantir Jevan-Kahini (Monograph on Kavir), 2001
  • Byaktitvar Bhaskarayya
  • Asamiya Varnamala, 2001
  • Sahitya Badabaichitrya, 2003
  • Maheswar Neog (Monograph)
  • Anandachandra Baruah (Monograph)
  • Sankardeva (Monograph)
  • Asamiya Manuhar Itishas, 2013


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