Nagasaki Electric Tramway

The Nagasaki Electric Tramway (長崎電気軌道, Nagasaki Denki Kidō) is a private tram system in Nagasaki, Japan. Since March 20, 2008, its lines accept Nagasaki Smart Card, a smart card ticketing system.

Type 3000 tramcar.
Nagasaki-Ekimae Station.
A Nagasaki Electric Tramway tram, 2016
Nagasaki-Ekimae Station, Taisho Period

The company was founded on August 2, 1914, while the tram line was opened on November 16, 1915. It once operated bus lines as well, but went out from the division later in 1971. The company and the lines are commonly known as Nagasaki Electric Railway (長崎電鉄, Nagasaki Dentetsu). Locals also call them the electric train (電車, densha), while JR lines are called JR, the train cars (列車, ressha), or the locomotive train (汽車, kisha).

The lines are stably making profits and they are the only tramway operator in Japan that has not lost any of its original lines. The current fare is ¥140 for adults and ¥70 for school aged children.

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Only interchangeable stations are shown here.

  • Lines: Officially, there are five lines totaling 11.5 km.
  • Routes: There are five routes regularly in service over one or more lines. Route 2, however, only has 1 lap a day late at night, and route 4 only runs in the morning and evening peaks. There are other temporary routes as well.
Route 1 (1系統): Akasako — Sumiyoshi — Nagasaki-Ekimae — (Dejima) — Shinchi Chinatown — Nishihamanomachi — Sōfukuji
Route 2 (2系統): Akasako — Sumiyoshi — Nagasaki-Ekimae — (Dejima) — Shinchi Chinatown — Nishihamanomachi — Shiyakusho (City Hall) — Hotarujaya
Route 3 (3系統): Akasako — Sumiyoshi — Nagasaki-Ekimae — (Sakuramachi) — Shiyakusho (City Hall) — Hotarujaya
Route 4 (4系統): Hotarujaya — Shiyakusho (City Hall) — Nishihamanomachi — Sōfukuji
Route 5 (5系統): Hotarujaya — Shiyakusho (City Hall) — Nishihamanomachi — Shinchi Chinatown — Ishibashi
purple:Akasako B.L.
blue:Main Line
green:Sakuramachi B.L.
orange:Ōura B.L.
pink:Hotaruchaya B.L.
Routes (tram stop names as of 2018)
blue:Route 1
white:Route 2 (only midnight or event days)
red:Route 3
yellow:Route 4
green:Route 5

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