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Nagaland Legislative Assembly

Nagaland Legislative Assembly is the unicameral legislature of the Indian state of Nagaland. Nagaland became a state of India on 1 December 1963 and after elections in January, 1964, the first Nagaland Legislative Assembly was formed on 11 February 1964. In 1974, the strength of the Legislative assembly was increased to the present strength of 60 members.[1]

Legislative Assembly of Nagaland
Chotisuh Sazo, NPF
Since Mar 15, 2013
Deputy Speaker
Imtikumzuk, NPF
Since Jul 17, 2013
Chief Minister
T. R. Zeliang, NPF
Since 19 July 2017
Leader of Opposition
Since 2013
Seats 60
Nagaland Legislative Assembly diagram.svg
Political groups

Government (50)

Opposition (9)

Vacant (1)

Last election
23 February 2013
Meeting place
Nagaland Legislative Assembly Hall

There is no nominated member in the House, all the members are elected on the basis of adult franchise from single-seat constituencies. The normal tenure of the House is five years unless dissolved sooner. The seat of the House is Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. The current speaker is Chotisuh Sazo.[2]

On 18 June 2014, 3 NCP MLAs defected to the BJP, leaving only one NCP MLA remaining in the assembly.[3]

On 21st November 2015, all 8 Indian National Congress MLAs merged with the Naga People's Front, furthering the party's seat count to 46.[4]

On the 12 of July 2016, the 12th Nagaland legislative assembly saw the passing of "The Nagaland Salaries Allowances, other facilities of chief ministers, speaker, Leader of opposition, Deputy Speaker and other Members of the Nagaland legislative assembly/ Parliamentary Secretaries and pension for ex-members Act, 2005 (Fifth amendment Bill, 2016)".[5] President's rule has been imposed in Nagaland four times; 1975–77, 1988–89, 1992–93 and 2008.[6]


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