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Nadje Al-Ali
Nadje Sadig Al-Ali

Nadje Sadig Al-Ali (Arabic: نادية صادق العلي‎) is the author of Iraqi Women: Untold Stories From 1948 to the Present.[1] and co-author with Nicola Pratt of What Kind of Liberation? Women and the Occupation of Iraq.[2] Born to an Iraqi father and German mother,[3] and having lived in Egypt for several years and being involved in the Egyptian women's movement, Al-Ali is also Professor of Gender Studies at the Center for Gender Studies [4] at the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS).[5]

Al-Ali graduated from the University of Arizona (BA), University of Cairo (MA) and received a PhD from the anthropology department of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London in 1998. She is currently chairing the Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS. She is also President of the Association of Middle East Women's Studies (AMEWS), and a member of the Feminist Review Collective.

Alongside her academic career, Nadje Al-Ali is a political activist and was a founder of the Iraqi British organisation Act Together: Women's Action for Iraq [1] in 2000. She is also a member of the London branch of Women in Black, a worldwide network of women who are against war and violence.

Many of her publications reflect the lives of Iraqi women and recent struggle to voice their opinions during the US-led invasion of Iraq.


  • Iraqi Women: Untold Stories from 1948 to the Present (2007)
  • New Approaches to Migration (2002)
  • Secularism & the State in the Middle East: The Egyptian Women’s Movements (2000)
  • Gender Writing/Writing Gender: The representation of women in a selection of modern Egyptian literature (1994).[6]
  • What Kind of Liberation? Women and the Occupation of Iraq (with Nicola Pratt, 2009)


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