Nadeo (pronounced NĂ-dā-yō) is a French video game developer founded in 2000. The studio is best known for creating the racing game series TrackMania. Other games developed by Nadeo include the Virtual Skipper series and ShootMania. Nadeo's latest game was TrackMania (2020), which was released on July 1, 2020. Since 2009, Nadeo has been a subsidiary of Ubisoft.[1]

Founded2000; 22 years ago (2000)
FounderFlorent Castelnérac
ParentUbisoft (2009–present)


Nadeo was founded in 2000 in Paris, France, by Florent Castelnérac. Their first game was Virtual Skipper 2, released in 2002. In 2003, Nadeo released the first entry in the TrackMania series, which received "mixed or average reviews" from critics.[2] TrackMania reached over 700,000 unique players each month, and had 10 million registered players by 2009.[3] In 2009, Nadeo was acquired by Ubisoft for an undisclosed sum. Since 2019, Nadeo has hosted the TrackMania Grand League.[4]

In September 2020, CEO Florent Castelnérac was accused of abusive behavior and bullying towards his staff.[5][6][7]

Games developedEdit

Year Title Publisher(s) Platform(s)
2002 Virtual Skipper 2 Focus Home Interactive Microsoft Windows
2003 TrackMania Digital Jesters, Focus Home Interactive, Enlight Software, Buka Entertainment
Virtual Skipper 3 Focus Home Interactive, Enlight Software
2005 TrackMania Sunrise Digital Jesters, Enlight Software
Virtual Skipper 4 Focus Home Interactive
2006 TrackMania Nations ESWC Focus Home Interactive, Deep Silver
TrackMania United Deep Silver, Enlight Software, Buka Entertainment
2007 Virtual Skipper 5 Focus Home Interactive
2008 TrackMania Nations Forever
TrackMania United Forever
2011 TrackMania 2: Canyon Ubisoft
2013 TrackMania 2: Valley
TrackMania 2: Stadium
ShootMania Storm
2016 TrackMania Turbo Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
2017 TrackMania 2: Lagoon Microsoft Windows
2020 TrackMania


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