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Nabi Tajima (田島 ナビ, Tajima Nabi, 4 August 1900 – 21 April 2018)[1][2][3] was a Japanese supercentenarian[4] who was the world's oldest living person from 16 September 2017, until her own death, and the last surviving person to have been born in the 19th century.[5] She remains the oldest recorded Japanese and Asian person in history and the world's third oldest person ever to be validated by modern standards, behind Jeanne Calment and Sarah Knauss.[6]

Nabi Tajima
Native name 田島 ナビ
Born (1900-08-04)4 August 1900
Wan Village, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
(now Kikai, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan)
Died (2018-04-21)21 April 2018
(aged 117 years, 260 days)
Kikai, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Known for
  • Oldest living person (from 16 September 2017 to 21 April 2018)
  • Oldest verified Asian person ever
  • Last living person born in the 19th century
Spouse(s) Tominishi Tajima
Children 9


Personal life

Tajima was born in Araki, an area which was then Wan Village, in the westernmost part of Kikaijima Island. From February 2002 until her death, she resided in a nursing home named "Kikaien" (喜界園) in Kikai, Kagoshima.[7]

Her husband, Tominishi Tajima (田島 富二子), died in 1991 at the age of 95 according to some sources,[8] or possibly 1992 or 1993 according to others.[9] She had nine children (seven sons and two daughters).[8] In September 2017 she was reported as having around 160 descendants, including great-great-great-grandchildren.[7]


Tajima became the oldest living person in Japan on 27 September 2015, upon the death of a 115-year-old anonymous woman who was living in Tokyo.[10] Violet Brown died on 15 September 2017 in Jamaica (UTC-5). In Japan, where Tajima lived, the date was already 16 September 2017 (JST), and Tajima became the oldest living person in the world—and the last surviving person born in the 19th century.[11] On 10 April 2018, Nabi Tajima became the world's third oldest person ever due to surpassing the final age of Lucy Hannah.[6] Others have claimed to be older, but none of these claims have been sufficiently validated.

She stated that her longevity was due to sleeping soundly and eating delicious food.[12]


Tajima died on 21 April 2018 in Kikai, Kagoshima Prefecture at the age of 117 years, 260 days.[13] After Tajima's death, Chiyo Miyako in Yokohama, Japan, became the world's oldest living person.[14]

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