NXT United Kingdom Championship

The NXT United Kingdom Championship is a professional wrestling championship created and promoted by the American promotion WWE. It is primarily defended as the top championship of their NXT UK brand division, a sister brand of NXT based in the United Kingdom. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the title was also occasionally defended at NXT events and independent wrestling shows in the United Kingdom. The current champion is Walter, who is in his first reign and is the longest reigning champion.

NXT United Kingdom Championship
WWE United Kingdom Championship.png
The current NXT United Kingdom Championship belt with default side plates
Date establishedDecember 15, 2016
Current champion(s)Walter
Other name(s)
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship
  • NXT United Kingdom Championship

Established on 15 December 2016 as the WWE United Kingdom Championship, the title was first awarded to Tyler Bate, who won the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament on 15 January 2017. The brand's show of the same name had its first tapings in August 2018, which began airing in October on the WWE Network. From its inception up until the debut of NXT UK, the title was primarily defended on the NXT brand and shows produced by UK-based independent wrestling promotions. In January 2020, the title was renamed to reflect its status as the top title of NXT UK.


In a press conference at The O2 Arena on 15 December 2016, Triple H, the Chief Operating Officer and head of NXT for the American professional wrestling promotion WWE, revealed that there would be a 16-man single-elimination tournament to crown the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion for the promotion's new United Kingdom division. The tournament was held over a two-day period, 14 and 15 January 2017, and aired exclusively on the WWE Network. Tyler Bate won the inaugural tournament to become the first WWE United Kingdom Champion.[1]

Following the inaugural tournament in 2017, the title began being featured on WWE's NXT brand when Bate debuted during the 28 January 2017, tapings of NXT in San Antonio, Texas, which aired 1 February.[2] During the 1 February tapings at the brand's home base of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, the title's very first defense took place, where Bate defeated Trent Seven (aired 15 February).[3] The title was defended for the first time outside of WWE when Bate retained the title against Mark Andrews on a show for the London-based promotion, Progress Wrestling; the show took place in Orlando, Florida on 31 March as part of WrestleMania Axxess.[4] The first title change, as well as the first defense to air live, took place on 20 May 2017 at TakeOver: Chicago, where Pete Dunne defeated Bate to become champion.[5][6] Although unsuccessful, Johnny Gargano was the first wrestler from outside of the United Kingdom division to challenge for the UK title on the 18 November taping of NXT (aired on 22 November).[7]

When the championship was unveiled in December 2016, it was announced to be the top championship of a new WWE Network show, produced in the United Kingdom.[8][9] However, it was not until mid-2018 when WWE formally established NXT UK as the brand for their United Kingdom division and sister brand of their American-based NXT.[10][11] The brand's show, also titled NXT UK, had its first tapings in August, which began airing on 17 October.[12] On the premiere episode, Dunne retained the UK Championship against Noam Dar.[13] During the 17 January 2020 taping of NXT UK, the title was renamed to NXT United Kingdom Championship to reflect its status as the top title of NXT UK.[14]

Inaugural tournamentEdit

Inaugural champion Tyler Bate, after winning the first United Kingdom Championship Tournament
The second champion Pete Dunne
First Round
14 January 2017[15]
15 January 2017[1]
15 January 2017[1]
15 January 2017[1]
  Tyler Bate Pin
  Tucker 10:34
  Tyler Bate Pin
  Jordan Devlin 6:05
  Danny Burch 8:55
  Jordan Devlin Pin
  Tyler Bate Pin
  Wolfgang 5:55
  Trent Seven Pin
  H.C. Dyer 5:25
  Trent Seven 6:35
  Wolfgang Pin
  Tyson T-Bone 6:20
  Wolfgang Pin
  Tyler Bate Pin
  Pete Dunne 15:10
  Mark Andrews Pin
  Dan Moloney 5:35
  Mark Andrews Pin
  Joseph Conners 8:10
  James Drake 7:12
  Joseph Conners Pin
  Mark Andrews 10:33
  Pete Dunne Pin
  Pete Dunne Pin
  Roy Johnson 7:30
  Pete Dunne Pin
  Sam Gradwell 4:50
  Saxon Huxley 6:00
  Sam Gradwell Pin

Championship belt designEdit

The championship's center plate is inspired by the United Kingdom's royal coat of arms

The base design of the belt is similar to the WWE Championship belt (introduced in 2014), with notable differences.[16] Instead of a large cut out of the WWE logo, the center plate is modeled after the United Kingdom's royal coat of arms, featuring a lion and a horse (instead of the traditional unicorn) on either side of the arms, with a shield at the center; atop the shield are the crown jewels. The banner atop the arms reads "United Kingdom" while the banner below reads "Champion". Gold divider bars separate the center plate from the belt's two side plates. In what has become a prominent feature of WWE's championship belts, the side plates feature removable center sections that can be replaced with the current champion's logo; the default side plates feature the WWE logo on a red globe. The plates are on a black leather strap. When the championship was originally introduced as the WWE United Kingdom Championship, the shield at the center of the main plate featured the WWE logo, but that was changed to the NXT UK logo on 17 January 2020 when the title was renamed to NXT United Kingdom Championship.[14]


Current and longest reigning NXT United Kingdom Champion Walter, who has held the title for 695+ days

As of 27 February 2021, there have been three reigns. The inaugural champion was Tyler Bate. Bate is also the youngest champion, winning the title at 19 years old, while the oldest champion is Walter, winning the title at 31. Walter is also the longest reigning champion at 695+ days, while Bate has the shortest reign at 125 days.

The current champion is Walter. He defeated Pete Dunne at TakeOver: New York on 5 April 2019 in Brooklyn, New York. His reign has since become the longest reign in the title's history, breaking Dunne's record of 685 days, thus being the longest championship reign in WWE history since 1988.[17]

Name Years
WWE United Kingdom Championship 15 December 2016 – 17 January 2020
NXT United Kingdom Championship 17 January 2020[14] – present
No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
Days recog. Number of days held recognized by the promotion
+ Current reign is changing daily
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days Days recog.
1 Tyler Bate 15 January 2017 United Kingdom Championship Tournament Blackpool, England 1 125 125 Defeated Pete Dunne in the tournament final to become the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion. Bate subsequently defended the title on the NXT brand and at independent shows in the United Kingdom. [1]
2 Pete Dunne 20 May 2017 TakeOver: Chicago Rosemont, IL 1 685 685 The title became the top championship of NXT UK when the brand was established in July 2018, but continued to occasionally be defended on NXT and at independent shows. [5]
3 Walter 5 April 2019 TakeOver: New York Brooklyn, NY 1 694+ 694+ The title was renamed NXT United Kingdom Championship in January 2020 [18]

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