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NS International, formerly NS Hispeed, is the rail operator in the Netherlands that operates international inter-city and high-speed train connections to Belgium (Intercity Direct), France (Thalys), Germany and Switzerland (Intercity-Express).

NS International
Elten ICE3m 4652 NS uitvoering zonder Hi-Speed (14487969205).jpg
One of NS International's ICE 3 trainsets operating between the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland
Main region(s)Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
Other region(s)France, Switzerland and United Kingdom
Route km operated426 km (265 mi)[1]
Parent companyNederlandse Spoorwegen
Track lengthDoesn't own any railway tracks.

NS International is part of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen. It currently operates both high-speed and non-high-speed services. Further international semi-high-speed and high-speed services are to be introduced in the near future.


NS Hispeed was formed in 2007 when the former international subdivision of NS, NS Internationaal, was rebranded as NS Hispeed. It is a founding member of the Railteam alliance, with a 10% share in the group. In June 2014, they changed their name to NS International. Trains running from Amsterdam to Brussels and Paris operate on the HSL-Zuid.


Series Type Route Frequency Notes
100 ICE Amsterdam Centraal - Utrecht Centraal - Arnhem Centraal - Oberhausen Hbf - Duisburg Hbf - Düsseldorf Hbf - Köln Hbf - Siegburg/Bonn - Frankfurt/Main Flughafen - Mannheim Hbf - Karlsruhe Hbf - Offenburg - Freiburg Hbf - Basel Bad Bf - Basel SBB 1x per day =ICE 43, reservation required
120 ICE Amsterdam Centraal - Utrecht Centraal - Arnhem Centraal - Oberhausen Hbf - Duisburg Hbf - Düsseldorf Hbf - Köln Hbf - Frankfurt/Main Flughafen - Frankfurt (Main) Hbf 5x per day =ICE 78, reservation required
140 Intercity Amsterdam Centraal - HilversumAmersfoort - ApeldoornDeventer - Almelo - Hengelo - Bad Bentheim - Rheine - Osnabrück Hbf - Bad Oeynhausen/Bünde - Minden - Hannover Hbf - Wolfsburg Hbf - Stendal - Berlin-Spandau - Berlin Hbf - Berlin Ostbahnhof 5x per day to Berlin, 1x per day to Hannover, 1x per day to Bad Bentheim =IC 77, reservation recommended
9200 Intercity Direct Amsterdam Centraal - Schiphol/Den Haag Hollands Spoor - Rotterdam Centraal Breda - Noorderkempen - Antwerpen-Centraal - Antwerpen-Berchem - Mechelen - Brussels National Airport - Brussels-North - Brussel-Centraal - Brussel-Zuid/Midi 1x per hour
9300 Thalys Amsterdam Centraal - Schiphol - Rotterdam Centraal - Antwerpen-Centraal - Brussel-Zuid/Midi - Paris Nord 10x per day Reservation required
9900 Thalys Amsterdam Centraal - Schiphol - Rotterdam Centraal - Antwerpen-Centraal - Brussel-Zuid/Midi - Lille Europe 1-2x per day Reservation required
Amsterdam - Bourg-Saint-Maurice Thalys Amsterdam - Schiphol - Rotterdam - Antwerpen-Centraal - Brussels-South - Chambéry-Challes-les-Eaux - Albertville - Moûtiers-Salins-Brides-les-Bains - Aime-La Plagne - Landry - Bourg-Saint-Maurice 1x per week in winter
Amsterdam - Marseille Thalys Amsterdam - Schiphol - Rotterdam - Antwerpen-Centraal - Brussels-South - Valence TGV - Avignon TGV - Aix-en-Provence TGV - Marseille 1x per week in summer
9100 Eurostar Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Brussels-South - Lille-Europe - London St. Pancras International 2x per day Direct service from London to Amsterdam; transfer in Brussels for the other direction

Regional cross-border services (from Arnhem, Enschede, Hengelo, Maastricht, Nieuweschans, Venlo, Heerlen and Roosendaal) are not part of NS International, nor was the CityNightLine from Amsterdam to Munich and Zurich.

Rolling stockEdit

NS International is the Dutch partner in three high-speed international services, Eurostar, Thalys and ICE International. Although the rolling stock for these services are pooled, each partner has purchased and owns a number of units in each fleet. NS owns three ICE 3M EMUs used for the ICE services, and two PBKA EMUs operated by Thalys, all of which are quadricurrent.

NS International ordered 16 V250 trains from AnsaldoBreda, with NMBS/SNCB ordering a further 3 sets. They were used on Dutch domestic services and NS International services to Brussels.[2] These sets are eight carriages long and have a top speed of 250 km/h. They entered service in December 2012 - five years later than originally planned.[3] They were taken out of service the following month due to numerous technical issues. Four months later only two of the 9 already delivered trains were still capable of performing test runs.[4]

 Class  Illustration  Type   Top speed   Number   Built   Notes 
 mph   km/h 
Series 43000   Electric multiple unit 186 300 2 1997 Used for Thalys service
DBAG Class 406   Electric multiple unit 199 320 3 1999 Used for ICE International service
V250   Electric multiple unit 155 250 16 ordered 2008-2010 Trains were to be used for Fyra, but the order was cancelled in 2013 and the whole Fyra project abandoned
ICNG   Electric multiple unit 124 200 20 2019- Intercity Nieuwe Generatie (New Generation Intercity)

A further 79 trainsets have been ordered, by the NS. Those will be used for service within the Netherlands

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