NG Knight Ramune & 40

For the final OVA, see Knights of Ramune.

NG Knight Lamune & 40 (NG騎士ラムネ&40, NG Naito Ramune & 40) was a Japanese anime television series of 1990. It was one of the Lamune group of television shows and OVAs, and the "NG" in the title stands for "new generation". In all there were 3 OVA series (NG Knight Lamune & 40 EX, NG Knight Lamune & 40 DX, VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fresh) and a sequel anime television series (VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire). The original concept for the show was developed by Takehiko Ito, much of the story was written by Satoru Akahori, and the mecha design was done by Rei Nakahara. (Collectively this team is known as "B3".) All anime and OVA in the series were produced by Starchild Records, and the show was broadcast on TV Tokyo from April 6, 1990 to January 4, 1991.

NG Knight Lamune & 40
(NG Naito Ramune & 40)
Anime television series
Directed byHiroshi Negishi
Written byBrother Noppo
Satoru Akahori
Music byTadashige Matsui
Tetsushi Ryuu
Studio"B3", Asatsu, Ashi Productions
Licensed by
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original run April 6, 1990 January 4, 1991
Original video animation
NG Knight Lamune & 40 EX
Directed byKōji Masunari
Music byTadashige Matsui, Tetsushi Ryuu
StudioAsatsu, Ashi Productions
Released July 21, 1991 November 21, 1991
Original video animation
NG Knight Lamune & 40 DX
Directed byNaori Hiraki
Music byTadashige Matsui, Tetsushi Ryuu, Akira Odakura
StudioAsatsu, Ashi Productions
Released June 23, 1993 September 22, 1993
Anime television series
VS Knight Ramune & 40 Fire
Directed byHiroshi Negishi
Music byAkira Odakura, Akira Nishizawa, Shinkichi Mitsumune
StudioAsatsu, Ashi Productions
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original run April 3, 1996 September 9, 1996
Original video animation
VS Knight Ramune & 40 Fresh
Directed byYoshitaka Fujimoto
StudioAshi Productions
Licensed by
Released May 21, 1997 November 21, 1997
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The main storyline of the series involves a boy named Baba Lamune who is sucked into the video game "King Sccasher." Lamune is a blood relative of the hero "Lamuness," and in the program he is destined to save the world from the evil Don Harumage. "Lamune" is the name of a popular, lemon-flavored Japanese carbonated drink, and most character names in the series are based on drinks, such as the character Milk. The name "Scassher" is based on the name of a competitor to Lamune, namely "Lemon Squash", a drink not franchised in America whose name is based on that of "Orange Crush", which is. This show is not related to the anime series Lamune of 2005.


Baba Lamune – (Voiced by Takeshi Kusao) He is a 10-year-old boy who loves to play video-games. Most of the time his games get the best of his grades. He has a good heart in general but isn't too considerate of other peoples feelings. Lamune claims to not being a pervert in several episodes, though during his time at hot-springs he can't help but stare with his eyes wide open. He usually finds himself saying things like "ORE WA MOREZUNI HAZUKASHI!!" (I am very embarrassed right now!!) or "Ore wa morezuni odorote ii ru" (I am very surprised right now). He says the action and "Right now" follows after. He has a son in VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire named Lamunade who follows the same fate as him. His love interest is Milk.

Princess Milk – (Voiced by Chisa Yokoyama) A "cute" girl, that comes from the Arara Kingdom, she has elvish ears. She is forceful, and has a one track mind. She's friendly to people, but quite arrogant at times (mostly around Cocoa). She's the one who takes Lamune to their world. She is one of the 3 Maidens of Arara. Milk becomes Lamune's wife in VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire. She birth at December 17, 1969, while her blood type is O.

Cocoa- (Voiced by Sakiko Tamagawa) Milk's older sister, who is rather dotty and not too confident. She is smart and is the one to get them around the world. In early episodes, Lamune goes wide-eyed whenever she takes off her glasses. She is also one of the 3 Maidens.

Tama-Q- (Voiced by Chie Koujiro) A hand sized advisor robot that can summon the guardian knights if Lamune drop coins into the slot on his head. "Tama-kyuu" is the Japanese word for cue-ball.

Da Cider - (Voiced by Kazuki Yao) Supposedly the main villain, but is actually the minion of Don Harumage. He actually bears more of a comic relief role during the series. Near the middle of the series, Da Cider is fired and becomes one of the good guys, but still maintains sort of a villainous image. Da Cider is incredibly stubborn and arrogant; he'll always be the one getting in fights with Lamune.

Leska (Café au Lait) - (Voiced by Naoko Matsui) Da Cider's lover and partner, she seems to almost never pay attention to anything and would probably be considered as the sex symbol of the show. She shows affection towards Da Cider when she kisses him near the last episode. She is actually one of the 3 Maidens, and the older sister of Cocoa and Milk.

Heavy Meta-Ko - (Voiced by TARAKO) A little yellow snake adviser robot that lives in Da Cider's shoulder pads. He can summon the guardian knight, Queen Cideron, if Da Cider plays his snake-charming flute.


The story revolves around a boy named Lamune, who loves to play video games. After an embarrassing day of school, Lamune returns home, but on his way he sees what looks like a match girl having trouble explaining that she isn't selling matches, she's selling a video game. So he buys one and easily convinces the other people to buy one as well.

The girl mysteriously disappears after Lamune asks what kind of game it is, as the game was simply entitled "King Scassher". Upon returning home he immediately turned on the TV to play it, staying up until midnight until he finally beats the game.

The girl that sold him the game came out of the TV and announced her name was Milk, and that Lamune is the blood relative of the hero Lamuness, and he is destined to save the Hara-Hara World from the evil Don Harumage. And without question Lamune is dragged into their world where he then acquires Tama-Q, an advisor robot that can turn him into Lamuness, so he can use the guardian knight, King Scassher. With this he is now ready to fight Don Harumage in order to save the world.


There are 38 episodes in the series dating from 1990 to 1991.

  1. Bang! The Resurrection of King Sccasher
  2. The Power of Justice! The Saint Bomb
  3. Pokkin City is Starving!
  4. Hahaha! The Laughter Fan of Mount Gokuroo
  5. The Storm of Trivia on The Great Wall
  6. Hot Blood!? Kankan Village is Hot Hot Hot!
  7. Pop! Flowers are Blooming on Heads Along the River Nyile!
  8. We're Lost! Lost in the Horramid!
  9. Gear City is Full of Wind-Up Springs
  10. What? We're Half Asleep, Half Asleep, and then We're on the Sea
  11. Hic! Beware of the Juice of Truth
  12. Dragonpalace Village Has Elderly Power?
  13. Is it OK to Double-Double?
  14. The Grand Entrance of Queen Cideron!
  15. Kamekameka The Great of Hawaii
  16. Run Ramuness! The Traps in the Forest of Fairy Tales
  17. Who is The Pretty Girl? Lesuka Versus Cocoa
  18. Shiver! The Counterattack of Da Cider
  19. Good Luck! Milk's Lullabye
  20. We Found Annamonkonna Gate!
  21. Shine! The Guardian Knight Contest
  22. It's the Greatest! Tama-Q, This is Love!
  23. The Legend of Ramuness: Truth or Deception?
  24. Storming Into Hoy-Hoy Castle, We Are the Soldiers of Love!
  25. The Beauty of Victory! The Holy Power of the Three Maidens
  26. His Sacrificial Counterattack; the Fall of Da Cider!
  27. The Collapse of Hoy-Hoy Castle! Farewell Tama-Q
  28. It's Not Over! The Destruction Knights Appear
  29. Heavy Metal-ko: The Ballad of Betrayal
  30. Go go: Two samurai dancing!
  31. Do You Bet Your Life to a Proxy War Gag?
  32. The Final Blow? The Techniques of the Destruction Ninja
  33. Tentochi Tower! The Battle on the Island in the Middle of the Sea
  34. Here it is, Horror! The Mystery in the Forest of the Dead
  35. Little Romance... What is Your Name?
  36. Role Reversal; the Cracks of Love and Friendship
  37. The Dance of the Wind! The Field of Flowers is a Danger Zone!
  38. The Great Decisive Battle! Burn, Lamuness!
  39. The Gathering of the 40! Be Forever, Hot Blood Power!
  40. Milk, that's what I need!

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NG Knight Lamune & 40 appeared in the 2009 crossover video game Super Robot Wars NEO featuring much of the main cast. It later appeared as one of the beginning titles used the multi-chapter release Super Robot Wars: Operation Extend which borrows many features from NEO.


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