NGC 6120 is a peculiar[6] spiral galaxy located roughly 440 million light-years (130 Megaparsecs) away from the Sun. It is located in the northern constellation of Corona Borealis, and is a member of the Abell 2199 galaxy cluster.[4]

NGC 6120
NGC6120 - SDSS DR14.jpg
SDSS image of NGC 6120
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
ConstellationCorona Borealis
Right ascension16h 19m 48.11646s[1]
Declination+37° 46′ 27.6833″[1]
Helio radial velocity9049 km/s[2]
Distance440 Mly (134.9 Mpc)[3]
Group or clusterAbell 2199[4]
Apparent magnitude (B)14.3[2]
Other designations
UGC 10343, MCG +06-36-029, PGC 57842[2]


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