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NGC 2770 is a type SASc spiral galaxy located about 88 million light years away, in the constellation Lynx.[1] Three Type Ib supernovae have occurred there recently: SN 1999eh, SN 2007uy, and SN 2008D.[3] The last of these is famous for being the first supernova detected by the X-rays released very early on in its formation, rather than by the optical light emitted during the later stages, which allowed the first moments of the outburst to be observed. It is possible that NGC 2770's interactions with a suspected companion galaxy may have created the massive stars causing this activity.[4]

NGC 2770
NGC 2770 Gemini.jpg
NGC 2770 and companion galaxy
Credit: Gemini Observatory/AURA.
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 09h 09m 33.7s[1]
Declination+33° 05′ 05″
Redshift1941 ± 7 km / second
Distance88 Mly (27 Mpc)[2]
Apparent magnitude (V)12.0[1]
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SN 2015bh, a Type II supernova, was discovered in NGC 2770 in February 2015.[5]

NGC 2770 was also the target for the first binocular image produced by the Large Binocular Telescope.[6]

The Type Ib supernova Supernova 2008D in galaxy NGC 2770, shown in X-ray (left) and visible light (right). NASA image


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