NGC 246 (also known as the Skull Nebula[4] or Caldwell 56) is a planetary nebula in the constellation Cetus. The nebula and the stars associated with it are listed in several catalogs, as summarized by the SIMBAD database.[1] It is roughly 1,600 light-years away.[6] The nebula's central star is the 12th magnitude[6] white dwarf HIP 3678.

NGC 246
Emission nebula
Planetary nebula
NGC 246.jpg
An infrared Spitzer Space Telescope image of NGC 246.
Credit: NASA/JPL.
Observation data: J2000 epoch
Right ascension00h 47m 03.338s[1]
Declination−11° 52′ 18.94″[1]
Distance1,600 light-years ly
Apparent magnitude (V)8[2] / 11.8 (central star)[1]
Apparent dimensions (V)3.8′[2]
Physical characteristics
Radius2-3 light-years[3] ly
DesignationsSkull Nebula,[4] Pac-Man Nebula,[5] Caldwell 56, HIP 3678, PMN J0047-1152, 2E 178, PN VV 4, IRAS 00445-1207[1]
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Among some amateur astronomers, NGC 246 is known as the "Pac-Man Nebula" because of the arrangement of its central stars and the surrounding star field.[5]

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