NGC 114

NGC 114 is a barred lenticular galaxy located in the constellation Cetus. It was discovered by American astronomer, Truman Henry Safford, on September 23, 1867.[3] The galaxy lies approximately 195 million light-years from earth, and is about 55,000 light-years in diameter, nearly half the size of the Milky Way.

NGC 114
NGC114 - SDSS DR14.jpg
SDSS view of NGC 114
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension00h 26m 58.22113s[1]
Declination−01° 47′ 10.3429″[1]
Helio radial velocity4159 km/s[2]
Distance195 Mly
Size55,000 ly
Other designations
UGC 259, LEDA 1660, MCG+00-02-027[4]


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Coordinates:   00h 26m 58.2s, -01° 47′ 10″