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National Football League 1940s All-Decade Team

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This is a list of all NFL players who had outstanding performances throughout the 1940s and have been compiled together into this fantasy group. The team was selected by voters of the Pro Football Hall of Fame retroactively in 1969 to mark the league's 50th anniversary.

All information can be Referenced at the Hall of Fame website[1]
Position Player Team(s) Years Hall of Fame class
Quarterback Sammy Baugh Washington Redskins 1937–52 1963
Sid Luckman Chicago Bears 1939–50 1965
Bob Waterfield Cleveland/Los Angeles Rams 1945–52 1965
Halfback Tony Canadeo Green Bay Packers 1941–44, 1946–52 1974
Bill Dudley Pittsburgh Steelers 1942, 1945–46 1966
Detroit Lions 1947–49
Washington Redskins 1950–51, 1953
George McAfee Chicago Bears 1940–41, 1945–1950 1966
Charley Trippi Chicago Cardinals 1947–55 1968
Steve Van Buren Philadelphia Eagles 1944–51 1965
Byron "Whizzer" White Pittsburgh Steelers 1938 Not Inducted
Detroit Lions 1940–41
Fullback Pat Harder Chicago Cardinals 1946–50 Not Inducted
Detroit Lions 1951–53
Marion Motley Cleveland Browns[1] 1946–53 1968
Pittsburgh Steelers 1955
Bill Osmanski Chicago Bears 1939–43, 1946–47 Not Inducted
End Jim Benton Cleveland/Los Angeles Rams 1938–40,1942, 1944–47 Not Inducted
Chicago Bears 1943
Jack Ferrante Philadelphia Eagles 1941, 1944–50 Not Inducted
Ken Kavanaugh Chicago Bears 1940–41, 1945–50 Not Inducted
Dante Lavelli Cleveland Browns[1] 1946–56 1975
Pete Pihos Philadelphia Eagles 1947–55 1970
Mac Speedie Cleveland Browns[1] 1946–52 Not Inducted[3]
Ed Sprinkle Chicago Bears 1944–55 Not Inducted
Tackle Al Blozis New York Giants 1942–44 Not Inducted
George Connor Chicago Bears 1948–55 1975
Bucko Kilroy Phil-Pitt Steagles[2] 1943 Not Inducted
Philadelphia Eagles 1945–55
Buford "Baby" Ray Green Bay Packers 1938–48 Not Inducted
Vic Sears Philadelphia Eagles 1941–42, 1945–53 Not Inducted
Phil-Pitt Steagles[2] 1943
Al Wistert Phil-Pitt Steagles[2] 1943 Not Inducted
Philadelphia Eagles 1944–51
Guard Bruno Banducci Philadelphia Eagles 1944–45 Not Inducted
San Francisco 49ers[1] 1946–54
Bill Edwards New York Giants 1940–42 Not Inducted
Garrard "Buster" Ramsey Chicago Cardinals 1946–51 Not Inducted
Bill Willis Cleveland Browns[1] 1946–53 1977
Len Younce New York Giants 1941, 1943–44, 1946–48 Not Inducted
Center Charley Brock Green Bay Packers 1939–47 Not Inducted
Clyde "Bulldog" Turner Chicago Bears 1940–52 1966
Alex Wojciechowicz Detroit Lions 1938–46 1968
Philadelphia Eagles 1946–50


1 Team belonged to both the National Football Conference and the All-America Football Conference at different times
2 The Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers were merged into one team for the 1943 season due to World War II[2]
3 Three-time finalist to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame[3]


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