NECW Television Championship

The NECW Television Championship is a professional wrestling title in New England Championship Wrestling. The title was once unified with the PWF Mayhem Junior Heavyweight title.

NECW Television Championship
PromotionNew England Championship Wrestling
Date establishedFebruary 12, 2005
Date retiredAfter August 12, 2017
Current champion(s)Todo Loco
Date wonSeptember 12, 2015

Title historyEdit

Wrestler: Times Date Location Notes
Ru Starr 1 February 12, 2005 Framingham, Massachusetts Defeated Mike Bennett in a 12-man tournament final to become the first champion.
Joe Chece 1 April 15, 2005 Framingham, Massachusetts
Johnny Idol 1 September 17, 2005 Framingham, Massachusetts
Frankie Arion 1 March 18, 2006 Framingham, Massachusetts
T.J. Ritcher 1 August 19, 2006 Quincy, Massachusetts unifies the title with the PWF Mayhem Junior Heavyweight Championship to become NECW Undisuputed Television champion.
Kristian Frost 1 February 26, 2007 Quincy, Massachusetts Defeated T.J. Richter, Scott Reed, Kellan Thomas, and Triplelicious in a 5-way match.
Brandon Locke 1 June 6, 2007 Danvers, Massachusetts
Handsome Johnny 1 February 16, 2008 Quincy, Massachusetts Defeated Locke by disqualification in a match in which the title could change hands on a disqualification. Locke was caught by the referee with a spray can Johnny brought into the ring.
Title vacated April 22, 2008 Title vacated due to injury.
Handsome Johnny 2 June 1, 2008 Revere, Massachusetts Defeated Chase Del Monte in a tournament final. He retained the title on January 10, 2009 due to a double-disqualification against Max Bauer
Brandon Locke 2 February 21, 2009 Quincy, Massachusetts
Ryan Matthews 1 April 18, 2009 Quincy, Massachusetts
Kris Pyro 1 August 8, 2009 Quincy, Massachusetts Record holder for longest single television title reign in NECW history (1 year, 1 month and 3 weeks)
Title vacated October 2, 2010 Quincy, Massachusetts Pyro gave the title to NECW General Manager Paul Richard in order to concentrate on defending the NECW Tag Team Championship with his tag team partner Davey Cash.
Ryan Bisbal 1 October 2, 2010 Quincy, Massachusetts Won by pinning Scott Levesque in the 1 fall final of a 12-man battle royal that also included Bobby V, Matt Magnum, Rocco Abruzzi, Ray Keijimura, Mr Mini-roe, Mr Munroe, Brandon Webb, Vinny Marseglia, Triplelicious and Gino Giovanni. NECW briefly shut its doors in late 2010, and when they reopened 6 months later had gotten rid of the TV Championship. On March 22, 2013, upon returning to broadcast television, NECW announced plans to reactivate the title, but did not recognize Bisbal as the champion. Instead, a tournament for the title took place on May 3, 2013.
Johnny Thunder 1 May 3, 2013 Randolph, Massachusetts Won by pinning Justin Corino in the finals of a four-person tournament. Earlier in the night, Thunder defeated Scott Levesque and Corino defeated Nick Fahrenheit. The Corino/Fahrenheit and Levesque/Thunder matches aired on WMFP-TV in Boston, Massachusetts on May 16, 2013 and the final aired a week later on WMFP.
Mike McCarthy 1 December 7, 2013 Beverly, Massachusetts Won via pinning Johnny Thunder in 1 on 1 singles competition
Todo Loco 1 June 13, 2014 Everett, Massachusetts
Mike McCarthy 2 June 28, 2014 Stockton, Massachusetts
Todo Loco 2 September 6, 2014 Everett, Massachusetts
Beau Douglas 1 October 4, 2014 Everett, Massachusetts Defeated Mike McCarthy and Todo Loco in a 3-way match.
Title vacated January 10, 2015 Everett, Massachusetts Beau Douglas vacated title due to a back injury.
Scott Levesque 1 April 11, 2015 Everett, Massachusetts Defeated Todo Loco to win the title.
Todo Loco 3 September 12, 2015 Everett, Massachusetts Defeated Scott Levesque in a match in which Levesque's manager, Miss Sammi Lane, was handcuffed to one of the ringposts and her rival, Toxis, was handcuffed to another ringpost.

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