NASA Group Achievement Award

The NASA Group Achievement Award (GAA) is an award given by NASA to groups of government or non-government personnel in recognition of group accomplishments contributing to NASA's mission. The criteria for earning the Group Achievement Award are:[1]

  1. The quality of results and the Agency or multi-Center level of impact on programs or operations;
  2. Effective management of cost and schedule;
  3. Customer satisfaction;
  4. Team growth and capacity for future contribution (Government personnel only); and
  5. Additional credit for development of innovative approaches, use of and contributions to lessons-learned data banks, and/or
  6. Success in responding to unforeseen crises.
NASA Group Achievement Award
NASA Huygens Group Achievement Award Certificate.gif
Group Achievement Award certificate presented to the Huygens probe Earth-detection team
Awarded for"Outstanding group accomplishment that has contributed substantially to NASA's mission"[1]
CountryUnited States
Presented bythe National Aeronautics and Space Administration
EligibilityAny combination of government and/or non-government individuals[1]

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