Mythology (board game)

Mythology is a 1980 board game published by Yaquinto Publications.


Mythology is a game that simulates the events of ancient Greek mythology, where each player takes the role of a god or goddess.[1]


John Strohm reviewed Mythology in The Space Gamer No. 31.[1] Strohm commented that "This game had promise, but it failed to deliver. I do not recommend it."[1]

Eric Goldberg reviewed Mythology in Ares Magazine #4 and commented that "Steve Peek has proven once again that he is capable of original and appropriate design. He also has shown either an inability or a disinclination to properly develop this game."[2]

Charles Vasey in White Dwarf #22 (December 1980 – January 1981) gave the game a 9 and said "The whole package makes a most exciting game".[3]


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