Myawaddy TV (Burmese: မြဝတီ ရုပ်မြင်သံကြား, abbreviated MWD) is a Myanmar military-owned propaganda network based in Yangon and Naypyidaw, Myanmar.

Myawaddy TV/MWD
Country Myanmar
Picture format1080i (16:9 HDTV)
OwnerMyanmar Armed Forces
Launched27 March 1995; 27 years ago (1995-03-27) (NTSC-M)
January 2012 (DVB-T)
14 March 2020 (DVB-T2)
Closed13 March 2020 (NTSC-M and DVB-T)
Digital Terrestrial Television
Channel 4 (MWD HD)
Channel 6 (Golden Land HD)
RF Channel 42 642 MHz


Myawaddy TV was launched on the 27 March 1995, in commemoration of the Myanmar's Armed Forces Day. Its programming is also broadcast over the AsiaSat 2 satellite. It was used in 2021 to formally announce the military takeover of Myanmar.[1][2][3] In response to the coup, Facebook removed the page of the military-owned Myawaddy TV Network, for violating Facebook policy that prohibits organizations that promote hate speech or violence.[4] This was later followed by YouTube which terminated their channel page along with MRTV for similar reason.[5]


In 2012, after the completion of a new TV station in Naypyidaw, MWD launched six new digital channels and increased its broadcasting hours on its digital channels so as to better compete with other local television stations.[6]


All channels from MWD television network are 24-hour free-to-air television channels. Some channels are transmitted in both Analogue and Digital system. The current channels of MWD television network are -

Channel Picture format Channel Name Programming Note
MWD Digital MUX
1 1080i 16:9 MWD Variety HD MWD Variety Programming Presentation and Play Out System are based on Naypyitaw
2 1080i 16:9 TVM HD TVM Programming
3 1080i 16:9 MWD Education Knowledge and Sports HD MWD Educational and Knowledge and Sports Programming
4 1080i 16:9 MWD HD Main Myawaddy TV Programming [7] Presentation and Play Out System are based on Yangon
5 1080i 16:9 Channel Light HD Channel Light Programming
6 1080i 16:9 Golden Land HD Golden Land channel programming
7 1080i 16:9 WAF HD WAF channel programming
8 480i 16:9 Star FM Star FM Radio Programming SMPTE Colour Bars is feeding to the video carrier.
9 480i 16:9 Thazin Thazin FM Radio Programming SMPTE Colour Bars is feeding to the video carrier.
City of License Transmitter Site Frequency Channel Transmitter Power (ERP)
Naypyitaw New MWD Broadcasting House E42 642 MHz 3KW
Yangon MWD Broadcasting House, Hmawbe E42 642 MHz 3KW
Sagaing and Mandalay (Mount Sagaing) E42 642 MHz 3KW
Meikthila ? E42 642 MHz 3KW
Kyaukpadaung Mount Gway Gyo E21 474 MHz 3KW
Minbu and Magway Minbu E21 474 MHz 3KW
Taunggyi ? ? ?
Mawlamyine ? ? ?
Bago ? E46 674 MHz 3KW
Pyay ? E46 674 MHz 3KW
Pathein ? ? ?


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