Mr. Reliable

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Mr. Reliable is a 1996 film directed by Nadia Tass. It stars Colin Friels and Jacqueline McKenzie.[2]

Mr. Reliable
Directed byNadia Tass
Produced byJim McElroy
Written byTerry Hayes
StarringColin Friels
Release date
22 November 1996
Running time
112 min.
Box office$266,329 (Australia))[1]


It tells the true story of Wally Mellish, an ex-convict in 1960s Australia. Just released from prison, all he wants to do is live a quiet life with his girlfriend Beryl. A misunderstanding, quickly gets out of control, when two police officers pay him a visit, resulting in Wally, Beryl and her child being trapped in their house. Surrounded by armed police, the community is under the impression that Wally is holding everyone hostage. Events quickly spiral into a media circus as, through the siege, Wally - inadvertently - manages to become a symbol for the anti-war movement.



Terry Hayes was attached to produce the film. He showed a script to Nadia Tass, who liked the story and the characters but wanted it rewritten. Hayes made the changes and Tass came on board to direct.[3] Also released as My Entire Life.


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