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Brain-fficial (Korean뇌피셜) is a South Korean web television program on the History Korea channel, hosted by Kim Jong-min. Every week, a different guest appears, to have a one-on-one debate with Kim Jong-min on various topics. The show has aired on the channel's official YouTube, Naver and Facebook channels,[2] starting from July 19, 2018.[3]

GenreTalk show
Debate show
Web television
Presented byKim Jong-min
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes
  • Season 1: 10 (as of September 20, 2018)
  • Season 2: 35 (as of September 18, 2019)
(list of episodes)
Producer(s)Go Dong-wan
Kim Joo Hyung [1]
Production location(s)South Korea
DistributorHistory Korea
Original networkHistory Korea
Original releaseJuly 19, 2018 (2018-07-19) –
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On November 5, 2018, Brain-fficial opened its new channel and new episodes will be releasing starting from November 15, 2018 after the last episode that was released previously on September 20, 2018.

On Season 2, the title of the show was changed from My Brain-fficial to Brain-fficial.

Starting from December 26, 2018, Brain-fficial will air on every Wednesday instead of every Thursday at 5pm KST.


Season 1Edit

No. Date of Release Debate Topic Stand Good-talker
1 July 19, 2018 Do aliens exist? Kim Jong-min: No
Jessie: Yes
2 July 26, 2018 Is male Brazilian waxing necessary? Kim Jong-min: Necessary
Yang Se-chan: Not necessary
Yang Se-chan[5]
3 August 2, 2018 Is alcohol your foe or your friend? Kim Jong-min: Alcohol is your foe
Shin Ji: Alcohol is your friend
Shin Ji[6]
4 August 9, 2018 Is there a correlation between blood types and personalities? Kim Jong-min: No correlation
DIA: There is a correlation
Chae-yeon, Jueun and Somyi of DIA[7]
5 August 16, 2018 Do such things as ghosts exist in this world? Kim Jong-min: Yes
Haha: No
6 August 23, 2018 Which is better, JonBuh or YeoPo? Kim Jong-min: JonBuh is the best
Hong Jin-young: YeoPo are the best
Hong Jin-young[9]
7 August 30, 2018 Impromptu battle[1] N/A YooA[10]
8 September 6, 2018 Which hero in Marvel is the strongest of them all? Kim Jong-min: Thor
Hyejeong: Dr. Strange
Lee Seung-gook: Scarlet Witch
Hyejeong of AOA and Lee Seung-gook[11]
9 September 13, 2018 Which one is more accurate, Saju or Physiognomy? Kim Jong-min: Saju
Kim Hee-chul : Physiognomy
Kim Hee-chul and Park Sung-jun [12][13]
10 September 20, 2018

Season 2Edit

No. Date of Release Debate Topic Stand Good-talker
1 November 15, 2018 Is friend between men and women possible? Kim Jong-min: Impossible
Cha Tae-hyun : Possible
Cha Tae-hyun[14]
2 November 22, 2018 Does food taste good when roasted or when eaten raw? Kim Jong-min: Food tastes good when it's roasted.
Defconn: Food must be eaten raw
3 November 29, 2018 Can a person tell a white lie? Kim Jong-min: One can tell a white lie
Gugudan's Sejeong, Nayoung and Hana: One should not tell a white lie
Gugudan's Sejeong, Nayoung and Hana[16]
4 December 6, 2018 Will you save a little bit of your salary or invest everything you have? Kim Jong-min: Save a little bit of your salary to invest
Kim Joon-ho: Invest everything at one shot
Kim Joon-ho[17]
5 December 13, 2018 Is SNS your friend or your enemy? Kim Jong-min: SNS is my enemy
Shin Ji: SNS is my friend
Shin Ji and Bbaek Ga [ko][18]
6 December 20, 2018 Collection of viewers' topics[2] N/A Ji Sang-ryeol[19]
7 December 26, 2018 N/A N/A DDOTTY[20]
8 January 2, 2019 Is geomancy a superstition or science? Kim Jong-min: The geomancy is supertition
Han Bo-reum: Geomancy is science
Han Bo-reum[21]
9[3] January 6, 2019 Do people have superpowers? Kim Jong-min: No
Kim Gun-mo: Yes
Kim Gun-mo[22]
No. Date of Release Debate Topic Stand Expert
10 January 9, 2019 N/A N/A Kim Sung-jun (A calandarist)
No. Date of Release Debate Topic Stand Good-talker
11 January 16, 2019 What is the best martial arts in practice? Kim Jong-min: Kendo
Sleepy: Jiu Jitsu
DinDin: Boxing
DinDin and Sleepy[23]
12 January 23, 2019 Can you lend your money with your best friend? Kim Jong-min: Cannot
Hong Jin-kyung: Can
Hong Jin-kyung[24]
13 January 30, 2019 What is the strongest of the three human needs? Kim Jong-min: Sleeping
Kim Joon-ho: Sexual desire
Defconn: Appetite
Kim Joon-ho and Defconn[25]
14[4] February 6, 2019 N/A N/A N/A
15[5] February 13, 2019 N/A N/A Shin Ji and Bbaek Ga [ko][26]
16 February 20, 2019 Where can you see a man's style? Kim Jong-min: Clothes
Shindong: Hair
Shindong (Super Junior)[27]
17 February 27, 2019 What is ramen to you? Kim Jong-min: Ramen is ramen in the bag.
Jung Eun-ji: Ramen is cup ramen.
Jung Eun-ji[28]
18 March 6, 2019 What is the standard of old man? TBA Park Jae-jung, Kang Yu-mi and Christian Burgos [ko][29]
19 March 13, 2019 What is the representative sport in Korea? Kim Jong-min: Golf
Park Sung-kwang: Baseball
GAMST [ko]: Football
Park Sung-kwang and GAMST [ko][30]
20 March 20, 2019 Do you believe there is a thing call "previous life"? Kim Jong-min: No
Solbi: Yes
21 March 27, 2019 Does doppelganger exist? Kim Jong-min: No
Hong Jin-ho: Yes
Hong Jin-ho[32]
22[6] April 3, 2019 N/A N/A Shin Ji and Bbaek Ga [ko]
23 April 10, 2019 TBA TBA Chan Mi, Young Bin and Genius SKLee[33]
24 April 17, 2019 N/A N/A [34]
25 April 25, 2019 TBA TBA Kwanghee[35]
26 May 1, 2019 Is human nature good or bad? Kim Jong-min
Moon Se-yoon: Good
Moon Se-yoon[36]
27 May 8 TBA TBA Dayoung, Soobin and Yoo Yeon-jung (WJSN)
28 May 15 TBA TBA Doyeon, Yoojung and Sei [ko] (Weki Miki)[37]
29 May 21 TBA TBA Hwang Jae-seong [ko] and Lee Jin-ho [ko][38]
30 June 6 TBA TBA Lee Yong-jin
31 June 12 TBA TBA Kim Ji-min and Kim Min-kyung
32 July 3 TBA TBA Yoo Byung-jae[39]
33[7] July 19 N/A N/A Chaebin, Sunshine, Saebom (Nature) and Shin Ji
34 July 31 TBA TBA Jang Do-yeon[40]
35 September 18 TBA TBA Ahn Il-kwon [ko], Micky Gwang-soo [ko][41]


^ This is a special episode. Rather than the usual way where there is a fixed topic for every episode, for this episode, they will randomly choose three out of a number of colored balls and debate about the topic written on the slip of paper within.

^ This is another special episode where there's no fixed topic, but rather, they collected the viewers' topics and discuss 3 of them.

^ This is a special episode which is release on Sunday than the usual Wednesday in collaboration with My Little Old Boy.

^ This is a special episode which features Jong-min completing his 100 thousand subscribers pledge by singing 'Our Dream' (One Piece OST Part 1 Korean Version) which was sang originally by Koyote.

^ During this week, the edited version of Brain-fficial's 1st live YouTube video was released instead of the usual debating episode.

^ For this week, the edited version of Brain-fficial × KYT 20th Anniversary Fan Meeting live YouTube video was released instead of the usual debating episode.

^ This is a special episode to celebrate Brain-fficial YouTube channel's 1st Anniversary.

Awards and NorminationsEdit

Year Award Category Result Ref.
2019 2019 New Media Content Web Arts TBA [42]


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