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MyMiniFactory is an online community for designers and makers who want to share free or paid 3d printable designs. Unlike other sites, they guarantee the printability of their files. MyMiniFactory has over twelve categories of objects including Toys and Games, Props and Cosplay, Fan Art, Education, Jewellery, Gadgets, board games and tabletop, Home and Garden, Fashion and Accessories, Spare Parts, Sports and Outdoors, and Upcycling.[1]

Type of site
3D Design sharing platform
Available inEnglish, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian
OwnerRomain Kidd, Sylvain Preumont
Industry3D printing
10,000 designers
60,000+ 3D printable files
Launched18 June 2013
Current statusActive
Content license
Open Source

With the initiative to preserve the cultural heritage through 3d printing, MyMiniFactory is also home to the largest collection of 3D scanned statues and artifacts from around the globe - the Scan The World collection.[2][3]

Launched in 2013, and now hosting over 60,000 3D printable files and objects, and a community of 270,000 users, MyMiniFactory has become the largest guaranteed social platform for 3D printable designs. The social platform hosts 3D printable objects from over 10,000 3D designers.[4]

MyMiniFactory values openness and quality over quantity. The vast majority of the 3D printable files available are free to download, edit and re-upload—after going through the validation and test print processes.[5] Through this curation and open distribution,  users are encouraged to create original and derivative content, provide feedback and support to other users, and generally stimulate the proliferation of 3D design and 3D printing technology in a free and open manner. In this vein MyMiniFactory have partnered with the likes of Oxfam in an attempt to solve humanitarian problems using open source design and manufacture.[6]

In June 2018 MyMiniFactory opened an online STL file store where 3D designers can sell premium 3D printable files.[7]

MyMiniFactory offers to brands the possibility to crowdsource their creation of quality innovative  3D designs via 3D design competitions.[8][9] The platform has been very successful in attracting world class brands such as Royal Mail[10] (see partnership section for more information), IKEA, the Warner Bros Group - Turner's Adventure time,[11] Rovio's Angry Birds,[12] Autodesk,[13] Google or the Exxon Group.[14]


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