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Mu'an (Chinese: 木庵性瑫; pinyin: Mù'ān Xìngtāo; Japanese Mokuan Shōtō) (1611–1684) was a Chinese Chan monk who followed his master Yinyuan Longqi to Japan in 1654.

Portrait of Muyan.


Together they founded the Ōbaku Zen school and Mampuku-ji, the school's head temple at Uji in 1661. In 1664, Muyan succeeded his master as chief of the temple and in 1671 established another temple called Zuishō-ji at Shirokane, Edo. He is honored as one of the Ōbaku no Sanpitsu.

His work is kept in a variety of museums, including the Smart Museum of Art,[1] University of Michigan Museum of Art,[2][3] the Indianapolis Museum of Art,[4] the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,[5] and the British Museum.[6]

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