Musica e dischi (English: "Music and Records") was the oldest and longest-running music industry publication in Italy.

Musica e dischi
FounderAldo Mario De Luigi
First issueOctober 1945
Final issueJune 2014
Based inMilan

In 1961, Billboard defined the publication as the "Italian record bible".[1]



It was founded in October 1945 in Milan, Italy, on the initiative of the journalist and musicologist Aldo Mario De Luigi, a former record executive at La Voce Del Padrone-Columbia-Marconiphone (VCM, now EMI Italy).[2] Originally, the magazine was published under the name Musica (Dischi was added on the second edition) on a monthly basis.[2]

In the 1960s, Musica e dischi started to issue a list of best-seller music recordings nationally.[3] After the death of Aldo Mario in 1968, his son Mario De Luigi, already reviewer and editor of the magazine since 1958, became the director.[2]

In 1999, the official website was opened.[2] On its 735th issue in December 2009, Musica e dischi director Mario De Luigi announced that from March 2010 they would publish an online magazine and stop the publication of the physical magazine after 65 years.[4][2]

In June 2014, the magazine ceased to exist after almost 70 years and 783 issues (737 in physical and 46 in digital format).[5]

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