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Musica e dischi is the oldest music industry publication in Italy. It was founded in October 1945 in Milan, Italy on the initiative of the journalist and musicologist Aldo Mario De Luigi, a former senior record of VCM (now EMI Italy).[1] In the beginning, the magazine was published with the name Musica (Dischi was added on the second edition) on a monthly basis. Musica e dischi later issued a list of best-seller music recordings nationally. On its 735th edition on December 2009, Musica e dischi director Mario De Luigi announced that they would publish an online magazine since March 2010 and stop the publication of physical magazine after 65 years.[2]

Musica e dischi
Logo Musica e Dischi.jpg
First issueOctober 1945
Final issueMarch 2010
Based inMilan

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