Music of Yugoslavia is music created during the existence of Yugoslavia, spanning the period between 1918 and 1992. The most significant music scene developed in the later period of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and includes internationally acclaimed artists such as: the alternative music acts Laibach and Disciplina Kičme which appeared on MTV; classical music artists such as Ivo Pogorelić and Stefan Milenković; folk artists such as the Roma music performer Esma Redžepova; the musicians of the YU Rock Misija contribution to Bob Geldof's Band Aid; the Eurovision Song Contest performers such as the 1989 winners Riva and Tereza Kesovija, who represented Monaco at the Eurovision Song Contest 1966 and her own country in 1972, and plenty of others. Accordingly, the most widespread current formal and informal use of the term Music of Yugoslavia both locally and internationally always refers to the music of the Second Yugoslavia. Examples of the usage: ex-Yugoslav bands, the rock scene in the former Yugoslavia etc.

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For the music of the entities that emerged after the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991 see:

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