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Music of Chhattisgarh

Music formsEdit

This form of music has a man or a lady telling the story of the Pandavas from the Indian epic Mahabharata with some action and singing. Mostly, ladies do the job of story telling here. Men and women traditionally dressed enact the song simultaneously. World-famous Chhattisgarhi folk singer Teejan Bai is Pandavani specialist. She has given Pandavani program's all over India and the world. [2][3]

Raut Nacha is a form of dance prominent in east Chhattisgarh and borderline Odisha. In this, an annual competition is organised with teams from all participating villages. A prize is a certain amount of money. Every team has 60-100 men members and a child member. Half of the men sing and play special kind of flute and special drums and other dance in co-ordination encircling the child, who is generally dressed up as Lord Krishna. They also perform some special tricks meanwhile. This dance symbolises the battle between the King Kansa and cowherds, the follower of Lord Krisna.[5]