Music Bank (album)

Music Bank is a box set of a large variety of songs including unreleased demos, hit singles, numerous album tracks, and three new songs produced by Alice in Chains. It was released on October 26, 1999 on Columbia Records.

Music Bank
Box set by
ReleasedOctober 26, 1999
GenreAlternative metal, grunge, alternative rock, heavy metal
ProducerPeter Fletcher, Alice in Chains
Alice in Chains chronology
Nothing Safe: Best of the Box
Music Bank
Singles from Music Bank
  1. "Fear the Voices"
    Released: 1999
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]


The set consists of 48 songs, including rarities, previously unreleased demos and mixes by the band, and previously released and remastered material from their albums Facelift, Sap, Dirt, Jar of Flies, Alice in Chains and Unplugged and a CD-ROM containing various multimedia. In 1998, vocalist Layne Staley reunited with Alice in Chains to record two new songs, "Get Born Again" and "Died". Originally written for Jerry Cantrell's solo album Degradation Trip, the songs were released on Music Bank.[2]

Track listingEdit

Disc oneEdit

1."Get Born Again" (from Nothing Safe – The Best of the Box)Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell5:24
2."I Can't Have You Blues" (1988 demo, previously unreleased)Cantrell4:01
3."Whatcha Gonna Do" (1988 demo, previously unreleased)Cantrell, Staley2:54
4."Social Parasite" (1988 demo, previously unreleased)Cantrell4:22
5."Queen of the Rodeo" (Live, previously unreleased)Staley, Jett Silver4:39
6."Bleed the Freak" (1989 demo, previously unreleased)Cantrell3:32
7."Killing Yourself" (1988 demo, previously unreleased)Cantrell, Staley2:38
8."We Die Young" (from Facelift)Cantrell2:32
9."Man in the Box" (from Facelift)Cantrell, Staley4:46
10."Sea of Sorrow" (1989 demo, previously unreleased)Cantrell5:20
11."I Can't Remember" (from Facelift)Staley, Cantrell3:43
12."Love, Hate, Love" (from Facelift)Staley, Cantrell6:26
13."It Ain't Like That" (from Facelift)Cantrell, Starr, Kinney4:38
14."Confusion" (from Facelift)Staley, Cantrell, Starr5:44
15."Rooster" (1991 demo, previously unreleased)Cantrell5:47
16."Right Turn" (from Sap)Cantrell3:14
17."Got Me Wrong" (from Sap)Cantrell4:10
Total length:01:13:50

Disc twoEdit

1."Rain When I Die" (from Dirt)Cantrell, Staley, Kinney, Starr6:02
2."Fear the Voices" (Previously unreleased)Starr, Cantrell, Staley4:58
3."Them Bones" (from Dirt)Cantrell2:29
4."Dam That River" (from Dirt)Cantrell3:09
5."Sickman" (from Dirt)Cantrell, Staley5:30
6."Rooster" (from Dirt)Cantrell6:14
7."Junkhead" (1991 demo, previously unreleased)Cantrell, Staley5:11
8."Dirt" (from Dirt)Cantrell, Staley5:17
9."God Smack" (from Dirt)Cantrell, Staley3:51
10."Iron Gland" (unlisted track from Dirt)Cantrell0:43
11."Angry Chair" (from Dirt)Staley4:47
12."Lying Season" (Previously unreleased)Staley, Cantrell3:21
13."Would?" (from Dirt)Cantrell3:28
14."Brother" (from Sap, alternate mix without Ann Wilson's vocals)Cantrell4:27
15."Am I Inside" (from Sap)Cantrell, Staley5:08
16."I Stay Away" (from Jar of Flies)Staley, Mike Inez, Cantrell4:14
17."No Excuses" (from Jar of Flies)Cantrell4:16
Total length:01:13:06

Disc threeEdit

1."Down in a Hole" (from Dirt)Cantrell5:38
2."Hate to Feel" (from Dirt)Staley5:16
3."What the Hell Have I" (Remix, original from Music from the Original Motion Picture – Last Action Hero)Cantrell3:57
4."A Little Bitter" (Remix, original from Music from the Original Motion Picture – Last Action Hero)Staley, Cantrell, Inez, Kinney3:52
5."Grind" (from Alice in Chains)Cantrell4:45
6."Again" (Tattoo of Pain Mix, previously unreleased in the United States)Cantrell, Staley4:02
7."Head Creeps" (from Alice in Chains)Staley6:27
8."God Am" (from Alice in Chains)Staley, Cantrell, Kinney, Inez4:07
9."Frogs" (from Alice in Chains)Staley, Cantrell, Kinney, Inez8:17
10."Heaven Beside You" (from Alice in Chains)Cantrell, Inez5:29
11."Nutshell" (from MTV Unplugged)Staley, Cantrell, Inez, Kinney,4:29
12."The Killer Is Me" (from MTV Unplugged)Cantrell5:18
13."Over Now" (from MTV Unplugged)Cantrell, Kinney5:53
14."Died" (Previously unreleased)Staley, Cantrell5:58
Total length:01:13:28


  • Mark Arm – Vocals on "Right Turn"
  • Jeff Beck – Graphic Design
  • Jerry Cantrell – Guitar, vocals, liner notes pages 48–53, compilation title, cover concept
  • Chris Cornell – Vocals on "Right Turn"
  • Peter Cronin – Photography
  • Paul Hernandez – Photography
  • Mike Inez – Bass (disc 1: track 1, disc 2: tracks 16 & 17, disc 3: tracks 3–11, 13–14), guitar (disc 3: track 12)
  • Dennis Keeley – Photography
  • Sean Kinney – Drums, liner notes (inner box), concept, cover concept, supervisor, direction, production concept
  • Stephen Marcussen – Mastering
  • Scott Olson – Guitar (disc 3: tracks 11 & 13), bass (disc 3: track 12)
  • Layne Staley – Vocals, guitar ("Angry Chair", "Hate to Feel", "Head Creeps", "Died")
  • Mike Starr – Bass (disc 1: tracks 2–17, disc 2: tracks 1–15, disc 3: tracks 1–2)
  • Ann Wilson – Vocals on "Am I Inside"
  • Jonathan Meyer – Graphic Assistant
  • Peter Fletcher – Compilation Producer, Foreword
  • Neil Zlozower – Photography
  • Jeffrey Mayer – Photography
  • Catherine Wessel – Photography
  • Karen Moskowitz – Photography
  • Michael Simpson – Package Supervision
  • Mary Maurer – Art Direction, Design
  • Chris Cuffaro – Photography
  • Doug Erb – Design
  • Danny Clinch – Photography
  • Steffan Chirazi – Liner Notes
  • Marty Temme – Photography
  • Brandy Flower – Design
  • Christopher Wray-McCann – Photography

Chart positionsEdit


Chart (1999) Peak
US Billboard 200[3] 123
Top Internet Albums[3] 12


Year Single Chart Peak
1999 "Fear the Voices" US Main 11


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