Museo e Arboreto Carlo Siemoni

See also the Arboreto Siemoni, a small arboretum within the Arboreti di Vallombrosa.

The Museo e Arboreto Carlo Siemoni is a museum and historic arboretum located in Badia Prataglia, Poppi, Province of Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy.

The arboretum was established in 1846 by Karl Simon (Carlo Siemoni) for Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, and the museum now occupies the duke's former villa. Today the arboretum contains a good collection of native and non-native trees including the following species:

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Coordinates: 43°43′N 11°46′E / 43.717°N 11.767°E / 43.717; 11.767