Musa ibn Ka'b al-Tamimi

Musa ibn Ka'b al-Tamimi (Arabic: موسى بن كعب التميمي‎) was an 8th-century Arab commander during the Abbasid Revolution and then provincial governor for the Abbasid Caliphate.

Musa ibn Ka'b al-Tamimi
موسى بن كعب التميمي
Abbasid Governor of Sind
In office
Preceded byMansur ibn Jumhur
Succeeded byUnayna ibn Musa
Abbasid Governor of Egypt
In office
Preceded byAbu Awn Abd al-Malik ibn Yazid
Succeeded byMuhammad ibn al-Ash'ath al-Khuza'i
Personal details
BornUmayyad Caliphate
Abbasid Caliphate
Cause of deathillness
ParentsKa'b al-Tamimi


Musa first appears as one of the "twelve naqibs" who prepared the Abbasid Revolution in Khurasan, and served as a commander when the revolt broke out, fighting in the Battle of the Zab.[1] In the retinue of Abdallah ibn Ali he ended up in Syria. Abdallah placed him as governor for the Jazira, where fought against pro-Umayyad rebels under Abu al-Ward.[1]

Caliph al-Saffah then appointed him as his sahib al-shurta, before sending him to Sind to overthrow the local governor, Mansur ibn Jumhur, who had seized the province during the turmoils of the previous years. Defeated in battle, Mansur fled to the desert, where he died, and Musa succeeded him as governor.[2] Musa remained in Sind until the death of al-Saffah in 754, whereupon he left Sind under his son Unayna as deputy and returned to Iraq, resuming his position as sahib al-shurta.[1] In 758 the new caliph, al-Mansur, appointed him as governor of Egypt, but his tenure there was brief, as he died within the same year (758/9).[1][3] His son Unayna rebelled in Sind and was killed by local Yamanis.[1]


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Preceded by
Mansur ibn Jumhur
Governor of Sind
ca. 751–754
Succeeded by
Unayna ibn Musa
Preceded by
Abu Awn Abd al-Malik ibn Yazid
Governor of Egypt
ca. 758/9
Succeeded by
Muhammad ibn al-Ash'ath al-Khuza'i