Musa (crater)

Musa is a crater in the northern hemisphere of Saturn's moon Enceladus. Musa was first seen in Voyager 2 images. It is located at 72.4° North Latitude, 17.6° West Longitude and is 25 kilometers across.[1] Musa is located North of Aladdin. A large, dome-like structure occupies the interior of the crater, suggesting the crater has undergone significant viscous relaxation. From Voyager 2 images, it also appears that Musa is superimposed on an older crater that formed just to the south.

Musa crater, Enceladus.jpg
Musa crater (center)
Location72°25′N 17°35′W / 72.42°N 17.58°W / 72.42; -17.58[1]
Diameter25 km[1]
DiscovererVoyager 2
Namingcharacter from Arabian Nights

Musa is named after a character from Arabian Nights. He goes to get the vessels that contain Jinni in "The City of Brass".


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