Murder with Music

Murder with Music is a 1941[1] American film directed by George P. Quigley. The film was originally released as Mistaken Identity.[2]

Murder with Music
Directed byGeorge P. Quigley
Written by
StarringSee below
Release date
Running time
59 minutes
CountryUnited States


In a story told in flashbacks, a musician performing at a club is killed by a thrown knife. A secy singer, a reporter, and an escaped convict have roles in the intrigue. [3]



  • "Geeshee" (Written by Sidney Easton and Augustus Smith)
  • Bob Howard, accompanied by Noble Sissle and his Orchestra - "Too Late Baby" (Written by Sidney Easton and Augustus Smith)
  • Noble Sissle, accompanied by his orchestra - "Hello Happiness" (Written by Sidney Easton and Augustus Smith)
  • Skippy Williams and his band - "Jam Session" (Written by Skippy Williams)
  • Noble Sissle and by his orchestra - "Running Around" (Written by Sidney Easton and Augustus Smith)
  • Nellie Hill - "Can't Help It" (Written by Skippy Williams)
  • Nellie Hill accompanied by Skippy Williams and his band - "Can't Help It" (reprise)
  • Played on piano and danced by Johnson and Johnson - "That's the Cheese You Got To Squeeze"


John Howard Reid gave a highly unfavorable account of the movie's direction and editing.[4]


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