Murder of Yasmin Chkaifi

On 24 January 2022, Yasmin Chkaifi was stabbed to death in London, United Kingdom.[1][2] Her killer, Leon McCaskie, was killed by a passer-by minutes later.[1][2]

Murder of Yasmin Chkaifi
LocationLondon, England, UK
Date24 January 2022; 2 years ago (2022-01-24)
9:00 am
VictimYasmin Chkaifi, aged 43
PerpetratorLeon McCaskie

Yasmin Chkaifi (Arabic: ياسمين الشقايفي, romanizedYāsmīn ash-Shkayfī;[3] 1978 – 24 January 2022) was a 43-year-old Moroccan childminder who had two teenage sons and lived in Maida Vale, West London, England.[1][2] At 9 am on 24 January 2022, she was stabbed to death on Chippenham Road, Maida Vale.[1][2] Within minutes, her killer, Leon McCaskie, was killed when a 26-year-old stranger drove his car into him.[1][2] McCaskre, who was 41, was Chkaifi's former long-term partner.[1][2] A warrant for his arrest had been issued on 4 January after he failed to appear in court.[2] The police arrested the driver on suspicion of murder and bailed him until late February.[1][2] However, by 1 February the Metropolitan Police decided that the unnamed 26-year-old would face no further action, following a review of the evidence.[4]

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