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Murat-beg Tardić

Murat-beg Tardić (also Murad-beg Tardić or Amurat Vaivoda[1]) was a Croatian-born Ottoman general.


Tardić was born in Šibenik,[2] where he had a brother called Zorzi or Juraj.[3][4] As a young man he was enslaved as a prisoner of war and converted to Islam[4] but under Gazi Husrev-beg he entered the Ottoman military, where he quickly rose through the ranks.[5][6] As a close associate of Gazi Husrev-beg, he led numerous military conquests against the Croatian army in northern Bosnia and Croatia.[7][8] In 1528, Murat-beg led the conquest of Jajce.[4]

In 1536, Murad-beg Tardić was charged by Suleiman the Magnificent with 8,000 men to lay siege to the Klis Fortress under Petar Kružić.[1] He was successful in the Siege of Klis, occupying it in 1537.[9] For his military services he was put in charge of the Klis Sanjak with the title Beg. As the first Sanjak-Beg of Klis, he built a notable mosque in the town.[5]

He was later made the beg of the Sanjak of Pojega in 1541 or in 1543.[9] He is believed to have died in May 1545.[9] He was buried in one of the two mausoleums (türbe) next to the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque in Sarajevo.[8][10]


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