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The Municipio I is an administrative subdivision of the municipality of Rome, encompassing the centre of the city.

Municipio I di Roma
Municipio of Rome
Location of Municipio I of Rome
Location of Municipio I of Rome
Established19 January 2001
11 March 2013 (resized)
 • PresidentSabrina Alfonsi (PD)
 • Total7.69 sq mi (19.91 km2)
Population (2015)
 • Total186,802
 • Density24,300/sq mi (9,382/km2)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
WebsiteMunicipio I of Rome

It was first created by Rome's city council on 19 January 2001 and has a president who is elected during the mayoral elections. On 11 March 2013 its borders were modified and it has expanded with the incorporation of part of the abolished Municipio XVII.[1] Since then all the rioni of Rome, which are the city's historic districts, form part of Municipio I together with the localities of Delle Vittorie and Eroi.



Municipio I is divided into 11 localities:

31 December 2010
1a Historical Centre
1b Trastevere
1c Aventino
1d Testaccio
1e Esquilino
1f XX Settembre
1g Celio
1x Archeological Zone
17a Prati
17b Delle Vittorie
17c Eroi
Not localised


Rioni of Municipio I.

Since 2013 the territory includes all 22 rioni: R.I Monti, R.II Trevi, R.III Colonna, R.IV Campo Marzio, R.V Ponte, R.VI Parione, R.VII Regola, R.VIII Sant'Eustachio, R.IX Pigna, R.X Campitelli, R.XI Sant'Angelo, R.XII Ripa, R.XIII Trastevere, R.XIV Borgo, R.XV Esquilino, R.XVI Ludovisi, R.XVII Sallustiano, R.XVIII Castro Pretorio, R.XIX Celio, R.XX Testaccio, R.XXI San Saba and R.XXII Prati.

Municipal GovernmentEdit

The seat of the Municipio I in Via Petroselli.

The President of the municipio is directly elected by citizens. The Council of the municipio is elected every five years, with a system under which voters express a direct choice for the President or an indirect choice voting for the party of the candidate's coalition. If no candidate receives at least 50% of votes, the top two candidates go to a second round after two weeks. This gives a result whereby the winning candidate may be able to claim majority support.

Last election occurred on 5 and 19 June 2016:

Candidate Party Votes % Run-off %
Sabrina Alfonsi PD 26,327 38.69 31,695 50.84
Maria Giuseppina Campanini M5S 13,738 20.19 30,651 49.16
Stefano Tozzi FdI 11,879 17.46
Maurizio Esposito FI 9,138 13.43
Others 6,968 10.26
Total 68,053 100.00 62,346 100.00

Table below shows the current composition of the Council:

Term Majority Opposition Total President
2016 – 2021 11 PD
1 RI
2 Others
3 M5S
3 FdI
3 FI
1 SI
24 Sabrina Alfonsi (PD)

Here is a list of presidents of the municipio since the office was created in 2001:

President Party Coalition In office
Giuseppe Lobefaro DL Centre-left 2001–2008
Orlando Corsetti PD Centre-left 2008–2013
Sabrina Alfonsi PD Centre-left since 2013



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Coordinates: 41°53′35″N 12°28′58″E / 41.89306°N 12.48278°E / 41.89306; 12.48278