Municipalities of Tlaxcala

Map of Mexico with Tlaxcala highlighted
Map of Mexico with Tlaxcala highlighted
Municipalities of Tlaxcala

Tlaxcala is a state in East Mexico that is divided into 60 municipalities.[1]

Municipalities in Tlaxcala are administratively autonomous of the state according to the 115th article of the 1917 Constitution of Mexico.[2] Every three years, citizens elect a municipal president (Spanish: presidente municipal) by a plurality voting system who heads a concurrently elected municipal council (ayuntamiento) responsible for providing all the public services for their constituents. The municipal council consists of a variable number of trustees and councillors (regidores y síndicos).[3] Municipalities are responsible for public services (such as water and sewerage), street lighting, public safety, traffic, supervision of slaughterhouses and the maintenance of public parks, gardens and cemeteries.[4] They may also assist the state and federal governments in education, emergency fire and medical services, environmental protection and maintenance of monuments and historical landmarks. Since 1984, they have had the power to collect property taxes and user fees, although more funds are obtained from the state and federal governments than from their own income.[4]

INEGI code Municipality Municipal Seat
 001 Acuamanala de Miguel Hidalgo Acuamanala
 002 Altzayanca Atlzayanca
 003 Amaxac de Guerrero Amaxac de Guerrero
 004 Apetatitlán de Antonio Carvajal Apetatitlán
 005 Apizaco Apizaco
 006 Atlangatepec Atlangatepec
 007 Benito Juárez Benito Juárez
 008 Calpulalpan Calpulalpan
 009 Chiautempan Santa Ana Chiautempan
 010 Contla de Juan Cuamatzi Contla
 011 Cuapiaxtla Cuapiaxtla
 012 Cuaxomulco Cuaxomulco
 013 El Carmen Tequexquitla Tequixquitla
 014 Emiliano Zapata Emiliano Zapata
 015 Españita Españita
 016 Huamantla Huamantla
 017 Hueyotlipan Hueyotlipan
 018 Ixtacuixtla de Mariano Matamoros Villa Mariano Matamoros
 019 Ixtenco Ixtenco
 020 La Magdalena Tlaltelulco La Magdalena Tlaltelulco
 021 Lázaro Cárdenas Lázaro Cárdenas
 022 Mazatecochco de José María Morelos Mazatecochco
 023 Muñoz de Domingo Arenas Muñoz
 024 Nanacamilpa de Mariano Arista Nanacamilpa
 025 Nativitas Nativitas
 026 Panotla Panotla
 027 Papalotla de Xicohtencatl Papalotla
 028 Sanctorum de Lázaro Cárdenas Sanctorum
 029 San Damián Texoloc San Damián Texoloc
 030 San Francisco Tetlanohcan San Francisco Tetlanohcan
 031 San Jerónimo Zacualpan San Jerónimo Zacualpan
 032 San José Teacalco San José Teacalco
 033 San Juan Huactzinco San Juan Huactzinco
 034 San Lorenzo Axocomanitla San Lorenzo Axocomanitla
 035 San Lucas Tecopilco San Lucas Tecopilco
 036 San Pablo del Monte Villa Vicente Guerrero
 037 Santa Ana Nopalucan Santa Ana Nopalucan
 038 Santa Apolonia Teacalco Santa Apolonia Teacalco
 039 Santa Catarina Ayometla Santa Catarina Ayometla
 040 Santa Cruz Quilehtla Santa Cruz Quilehtla
 041 Santa Cruz Tlaxcala Santa Cruz Tlaxcala
 042 Santa Isabel Xiloxoxtla Santa Isabel Xiloxoxtla
 043 Tenancingo Tenancingo
 044 Teolocholco Teolocholco
 045 Tepetitla de Lardizabal Tepetitla
 046 Tepeyanco Tepeyanco
 047 Terrenate San Nicolás Terrenate
 048 Tetla de la Solidaridad Tetla
 049 Tetlatlahuca Tetlatlahuca
 050 Tlaxcala Tlaxcala
 051 Tlaxco Tlaxco
 052 Tocatlán Tocatlán
 053 Totolac San Juan Totolac
 054 Tzompantepec Tzompantepec
 055 Xaloztoc Xaloztoc
 056 Xaltocan Xaltocan
 057 Xicohtzinco Xicohtzinco
 058 Yauhquemecan Yauhquemehcan
 059 Zacatelco Zacatelco
 060 Zitlaltepec de Trinidad Sánchez Santos   Zitlaltepec


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