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Municipal Party VDM

Municipal Party VDM (Swedish: Kommunpartiet VDM) is a local political party in Västervik, Sweden. Founded in 1976 as Västerviks Demokratiska Miljöparti (Democratic Environmental Party of Västervik). VDM had its roots in the association Miljö och Trafik i Västervik (MOTIV, Environment and Traffic in Västervik). The present name was adopted in 2000. VDM stands for Västerviks kommun, Demokrati samt Miljö och kultur (Municipality of Västervik, Democracy and Environment and Culture).

Municipal Party VDM

VDM has been represented in the municipal council since 1976.

The party is led by Kerstin Åhlin.

In the 2002 municipal elections VDM received 1209 votes (5.4%), and four seats (up from one in 1998).