Municipal Council of Sucre, Bolivia

The Municipal Council is the legislative branch of the government of the municipality of Sucre, the constitutional capital of Bolivia. The council consists of eleven elected members, and it elects its own President, Vice President and Secretary.

Current council members edit

The members of the municipal council elected on May 3, 2021[1] are:

  • Oscar Sandy (MAS)
  • Yolanda Barrios (MAS)
  • Rodolfo Avilés (MAS)
  • Guadalupe Fernández (MAS)
  • Eduardo Lora (R-2025)
  • Melisa Cortés (R-2025)
  • Antonio Pino (R-2025)
  • Carmen Rosa Torres (R-2025)
  • Jenny Montaño (C-A)
  • Gonzalo Pallares (CST)
  • Edwin González (Unidos)

Past council members edit

2010 election edit

The Municipal Council was elected in the regional election of April 4, 2010. The election was by proportional representation with the Pact of Social Integration and the Movement Towards Socialism gaining the largest and second largest shares of the vote.

The council elected in April 2010 and seated in late December 2010 is as follows:

Office Council Member Biography Party
President Domingo Martínez Cáceres Agricultural engineer, former Sub-Mayor, previous Council President, docent in the Agronomy Faculty at UMRPSFXCH. Onward, Neighbors (ran with Sucre First)  
Vice President Germán Gutiérrez Gantier Lawyer, former Mayor of Sucre, former national Deputy, former member of the Judicial Council, docent Pact of Social Integration  
Secretary Arminda Corina Herrera Gonzales Teacher, Constituent Assembly member for Chuquisaca and former MAS member New Citizen Alternative  
Nelson Guzmán Fernández Communicator, law student, leader of Federación Universitaria Local and the University Club. Pact of Social Integration  
Susy Barrios Quiroz Psychologist, former Sub-Mayor of Districts 2 and 5, President of Feminine Civic Committee of Chuquisaca Pact of Social Integration  
Norma Rojas Salazar Executive Secretary of Bolivian Red Cross and neighborhood leader Pact of Social Integration  
Juán Nacer Villagómez Ledezma Public health doctor, former docent, former functionary of the Health Ministry and former chief of the Planning Unit of the Departmental Health Service MAS-IPSP  
Verónica Berríos chosen as interim Mayor 19 June 2010
Vladimir Paca Lezano alternate serving since June 2010
Berrios: Laboratory worker, lawyer, sociology student
José Santos Romero Campesino leader, former leader of Chaunaca Subcentral of the campesion federation, and member of the Association of Milk Producers of Potolo MAS-IPSP  
Marlene Rosales Valverde Businesswoman and leader of Fourth Federations of Shopkeepers of Sucre. MAS-IPSP  
Lourdes Millares Lawyer, former national Deputy for NFR and former head of PODEMOS parliamentary delegation Pact of Social Integration (ran with Sucre First)  
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References edit

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