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SoundCloud rap is a music genre that originated on the online audio distribution platform SoundCloud.[1] According to Martin Cizmar and Walker MacMurdo of Willamette Week, it is characterized as "simplistic, subdued beats, often with snippets of strings and sometimes complemented with emo chords, paired with lyrics that ping-pong between braggadocio and nihilism, with lots of sex and odes to heavy narcotics".[1]

Music magazines and pop music critics have devoted attention to this sub-genre. Music critic Jon Caramanica devoted a feature-length article to SoundCloud rap in The New York Times, noting the sub-genre "in the last year has become the most vital and disruptive new movement in hip-hop thanks to rebellious music, volcanic energy and occasional acts of malevolence".[2] Rolling Stone and Complex wrote about the movement,[3][4] while Spin contrasted the sub-genre's popularity with the troubles of SoundCloud the company itself.[5]

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