Multinational Specialized Unit

The Multinational Specialized Unit (MSU), is a unit of the Carabinieri, dedicated to the military missions abroad, including the military and civilian police tasks, peacekeeping operations, crowd and riot control.[1]

Multinational Specialized Unit
KFOR-MSU Coat of Arms, 2013.
Country Italy
Allegiance NATO
BranchCoat of arms of the Carabinieri.svg Carabinieri
RoleMilitary missions abroad
various sizes
Part ofCarabinieri Mobile Units Division
Motto(s)Una vis
(One strength)
Nei Secoli Fedele
(Faithful throughout the centuries)
ColorsBlue, red and black.
MarchLa Fedelissima (The Ever Faithful)
by Luigi Cirenei
Anniversaries5th of June, Carabinieri Day
Commander of KFOR-MSUCol. Ruggiero Capodivento
KFOR-MSU Logo, 2013.

In the years after its creation in 1999, MSU units took part in NATO operations in Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina and Iraq.


KFOR-MSU Carabinieri with two RG-12 during a crowd and riot control exercise in Kosovo.(2019).

Initially it has employed members of the 7th Carabinieri Regiment "Trentino-Alto Adige", the 13th Carabinieri Regiment "Friuli-Venezia Giulia" and the 1st Parachute Carabinieri Regiment "Tuscania". During the next years it has employed members from all over Italy, from every other Carabinieri units.

Bosnia and HerzegovinaEdit

The first mission where MSU was involved was the NATO-SFOR, in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Yugoslav Wars. MSU was composed by Italian Carabinieri and members of the Romanian Military Police, among soldiers of Austria, Hungary and Slovenia.[2]


After the tension in the Balkan area, during the Yugoslav Wars, in particular in the northern part of Kosovo a MSU detachment was deployed in Albania to aid the country in the refugees management. The mission was codenamed AFOR.[3]


Romanian Military Policeman, member of MSU, in Iraq. (2003).

During the NATO Mission, inside the Multi-National Force – Iraq, MSU was deployed alongside other Italians units. The Italian Mission codename was Operation Ancient Babylon. MSU was composed by Italian Carabinieri, Italian Army liaison officers, members of Romanian Military Police and Portuguese National Republican Guard. During the mission MSU suffered heavy losses, in particular for the 2003 Nasiriyah bombing.[4]


Carabinieri KFOR-MSU patrol in Mitrovica, Kosovo. (2018).

Since 1999, after the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, MSU has been deployed into Kosovo for peacekeeping operations within NATO-KFOR. After years it's still present in the theatre, contributing to maintain peace and stability in the country.[1]

KFOR-MSU Carabinieri Patrols, in front of the Ibar Bridge, in Mitrovica, Kosovo. (2019).

From 1999 to 2013 where part of MSU also the French National Gendarmerie, Estonian Military Police and Austrian Military Police. Since 2013 is composed entirely by the Italian Carabinieri and its main mission its to patrol the entire city of Mitrovica 24/7, in particular the Ibar Bridge.[5]

The KFOR-MSU Regiment is commanded by Italian Carabinieri Colonel Ruggiero Capodivento.[6][7]

KFOR-MSU CommandersEdit

Commanders list
Precedence Commander Portrait Start of tenure End of tenure
1 Col. Vincenzo Coppola, ITA July 22, 1999 July 18, 2000
2 Col. Leonardo Leso, ITA July 19, 2000 April 23, 2001
3 Col. Emanuele Garelli, ITA April 24, 2001 May 3, 2002
4 Col. Georg Di Pauli, ITA May 4, 2002 June 9, 2003
5 Col. Claudio Cordella, ITA June 10, 2003 July 22, 2004
6 Col. Giuseppe Lanzillotti, ITA July 23, 2004 July 28, 2005
7 Col. Flavio Garello, ITA July 29, 2005 August 23, 2006
8 Col. Domenico Libertini, ITA August 24, 2006 August 26, 2007
9 Col. Andrea Guglielmi, ITA August 27, 2007 September 10, 2008
10 Col. Angelo De Quarto, ITA September 11, 2008 September 8, 2009
11 Col. Gianni Massimo Cuneo, ITA September 9, 2009 September 8, 2010
12 Col. Eduardo Russo, ITA September 9, 2010 September 8, 2011
13 Col. Mauro Isidori, ITA September 9, 2011 December 1, 2012
14 Col. Mario Di Iulio, ITA December 2, 2012 December 7, 2013
15 Col. Gregorio De Marco, ITA December 8, 2013 February 11, 2015
16 Col. Francesco Maria Chiaravallotti, ITA February 12, 2015 October 13, 2015
17 Col. Paolo Coletta, ITA October 14, 2015 October 13, 2016
18 Col. Fabio Cagnazzo, ITA October 14, 2016 September 11, 2017
19 Col. Marco DI Stefano, ITA September 12, 2017 September 14, 2018
20 Col. Ruggiero Capodivento, ITA   September 15, 2018 October 16, 2019
21 Col. Paolo Pelosi, ITA October 17, 2019 present

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