Muintir na Gaeltachta

Muintir na Gaeltachta (Irish for 'people of the Gaeltacht[1]') was a lobby-group representing Irish-speaking inhabitants of the Gaeltacht.[1] It was founded in the winter of 1933–34, with Seán Ó Coisdeala, a national school teacher from Tully in Connemara, as President and Pádraig Seoige as secretary.[2] Other founders included Peadar Duignan, Seán Tubridy, and Máirtín Ó Cadhain.[2][3] In 1935, in conjunction with the Land Commission, it helped to establish the Meath Gaeltacht by transplanting Irish-speaking families from Connacht.[4][2] Its office was in Kells, County Meath.[5] It was a registered nominating body for the Cultural and Educational Panel of Seanad Éireann through the 1997 election.[5]


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