Muhtar's Return

Mukhtar. The New Trace (Russian: Мухтар. Новый след,[1] in 2004–2015 is Muhtar's Return, Russian: Возвращение Мухтара) is a Russian detective, crime, serial film, a film about the adventures of investigators, police officers, police and search dog. Production Company "Kit Media" on request of "Studio 2V". Series premiere was held on 12 January 2004 from the RTR, and August 31, 2004, the project was on the NTV.

Muhtar's Return
Возвращение Мухтара
Also known asMukhtar. The New Trace
Genrecrime film, adventure film
Created byNTV
Developed byKit Media
Written byInna Zaporozhchenko
Vyacheslav Schmidt
Directed byAlexander Polynnikov (season 1)
Vladimir Zlatoustovsky (season 2 — present)
Starringsee below
Theme music composerYevgeny Muravyov
ComposersKirill Volkov
Alexander Kosenkov
Country of originRussia
Original languageRussian
No. of seasons12
No. of episodes990
ProducersPavel Korchagin
Felix Kleiman
Production locationsMoscow (season 1)
Kiev (seasons 2 — 9)
Minsk (season 10 - present)
Camera setupYury Britsov
Sergei Koshel
Vladimir Pastukh
Alexander Klimenko
Running time45 minutes
Production companyStudia 2V
Original networkRTR (2004)
NTV (2004-present)
Picture format16:9 (season 1, s8e73 — present)
4:3 (season 2 — s8e72)
Audio formatDolby AC3, 2 ch
First shown in2004
Original releaseJanuary 12, 2004 (2004-01-12) –
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The heroes of serial movie work in the police department (and since season 8 in the police) and investigate various crimes ranging from petty theft to serious disappearances, kidnappings and killings. The uniqueness of the team is that, together with operatives serves Mukhtar is a brave and loyal dog who helps to reveal the tangled affairs thanks to his unique scent and ingenuity.


  • Alexander Nosik as Artyom Kolosov (1-2 seasons)
  • Alla Kovnir as Elena Brusnikina (1-4 seasons)
  • Alexander Volkov as Maxim Zharov (3-4 seasons)
  • Viktor Nizovoy as Anatoly Schepkin (1-4 seasons)
  • Natalia Yunnikova as Vasilisa Mikhailova (4-8 seasons, 9 season 26 episode)
  • Pavel Vishnyakov as Maxim Zharov Andreevich (5-6, 9–10 seasons)
  • Alexey Shutov as Maxim Zharov (7-8 seasons)
  • Vladimir Feklenko as Maxim Zharov (11-12 seasons)
  • Alexey Moiseev as Alexey Samoilov (3-11 seasons)
  • Alexander Voevodin as Nikolay Nikolayevich Khrulev (1-12 seasons)
  • Svetlana Brjukhanova as Ekaterina Kalitina (9-12 seasons)
  • Nadezhda Antsipovich as Nadezhda Kostrova (10-12 seasons)
  • Artyom Osipov as Ivan Davidov (12 season)
  • Sergey Gromov as Roshchin Evgeny Aleksandrovich (12 season)
  • Daniil Doroshenko as Ershov Ivan (9-10 seasons)
  • Valery Astakhov as Dyatlo Viktor Petrovich (3-10 seasons)

List of episodesEdit

The series is conditionally divided into seasons 10.

Season Number of episodes The screens TV Channel
1 40 12.01.2004 — 23.03.2004 31.08.2004 — 04.10.2004 RTR NTV
2 50 21.02.2006 — 31.03.2006 NTV
3 100 28.11.2006 — 09.11.2007 NTV
4 80 13.11.2007 — 26.05.2008 NTV
5 96 09.11.2009 — 28.01.2010 NTV
6 96 29.01.2010 — 07.12.2010 NTV
7 96 10.05.2011 — 05.09.2012 NTV
8 96 06.09.2012 — 30.04.2013 NTV
9 96 03.02.2014 — 20.04.2015 NTV
10 48 21.04.2015 — 15.10.2015 NTV
11 (Mukhtar. The New Trace) 96 20.03.2017 — 14.03.2018 NTV
12 (Mukhtar. The New Trace) 96 14.05.2018 NTV

The series soundtracksEdit

Come Here, Mukhtar! (Russian: Ко мне, Мухтар!) that sounds in the series, was originally performed by Alexander Kosenkov, and starting from the season 2, this song was sung by Vladimir Zlatoustovsky, director of the film. Lyrics were written by songwriter Yevgeny Muravyov. Music by Alexander Kosenkov.


The season 1 was filmed in Moscow. Since the season 2 episodes filmed in Kiev involving local actors in secondary roles. Most episodes filmed in Kiev right bank Nyvky region. In particular, the facade of the police building located there filmed as the entrance of the Russian police, where the main characters serves. In 2014—2015 began filming the TV series in Minsk.

On 28 May 2016 filming of the TV series continued, but under a new name, Mukhtar. The New Trace.[2]


Creative team of the show, including actors, writers and directors, twice (2007 and 2009) awarded diplomas and medals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "for creating a professional image of criminal investigator and propaganda service dog Russia".

In 2009 the Mukhtar's Return 2 episode was awarded with special prize at the International Festival of Detective Films DetectiveFEST. In 2015 It took part in "TEFI-2015" and received a main prize in the nomination "Telenovela", surpassing "The Last Yanychar" (Russia-1) and «From the Heavens to the Earth» (TV center).

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