Muhammad ibn Iyas

Muhammad ibn Iyas (b. June 1448; d. after November 1522) is one of the most important historians in modern Egyptian history.[1] He was an eyewitness to the Ottoman invasion of Egypt.

Of Circassian[2] origin, he was one of the Memluks and was entitled Bada'I al-Zuhur fi Waqa'I al-Duhur.

His quotes have been used in many references like his statement about Al-Nasir Muhammad: "His name was mentioned everywhere like no other king's name. All the kings wrote to him, sent gifts to him and feared him. The whole of Egypt was in his grasp."


Ibn Iyas was the author of a six-volume history of Egypt, totalling over 3,000 pages,[3][verification needed] entitled "Badai Alzuhur Fi Wakayi Alduhur". [4][verification needed]


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