Mugo Gatheru

R. Mugo Gatheru (21 August 1925 – 27 November 2011) was a Kenyan writer. His autobiography A Child of Two Worlds describes growing up in colonial Kenya.[1]

Gatheru was born to a squatter family living on a European farm. He attended medical school in Nairobi, but was forced to continue his education abroad after he protested the treatment of Africans by the colonial rulers. After a year in India, he spent eight years from 1950 in the United States before studying law in England. He returned to Kenya when it gained independence in 1963.[2]

He taught African and Middle Eastern history for many years at California State University in Sacramento.[3]


  • A Child of Two Worlds: a Kikuyu's story, 1964
  • Kenya : from colonization to independence, 1888-1970, 2005
  • From beneath the tree of life : a story of the Kenyan people of Ngai, 2005


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