Mudou Island

Mudou Island (Chinese: 目斗嶼; pinyin: Mùdǒu Yǔ) is an island in Baisha Township, Penghu County, Taiwan.[1][2] It is in the Taiwan Strait off the west coast of Taiwan. The island was formed from plateau basalt.

Mudou Island
Mudouyu Lighthouse with boat.jpg
Mudou Island is located in Taiwan
Mudou Island
Mudou Island
LocationBaisha, Penghu, Taiwan
Coordinates23°47′10″N 119°36′00″E / 23.786°N 119.600°E / 23.786; 119.600Coordinates: 23°47′10″N 119°36′00″E / 23.786°N 119.600°E / 23.786; 119.600


Map including Mudou Island (labeled as Mokuto-shō (Kita-shō)) (1944)
Map including Mudou Island (unlabeled island with 'Light' marking the lighthouse) (1950)

The island was named Ba̍k-táu-sū (墨斗嶼) at first because the shape resembles an ink marker of a carpenter. Japanese colonizer transferred the name from 墨斗 to 目斗, which are pronounced the same in Taiwanese.[3]

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