MuchMusic Video Award for Best Dance Video

The following is a list of the MuchMusic Video Awards winners for Best Dance Video.

Year Artist Video
1990 Mitsou "Bye Mon Cowboy"
1991 Dance Appeal "Can't Repress the Cause"
1992 Lisa Lougheed "Love Vibe"
1993 Lisa Lougheed "Won't Give Up My Music"
1994 Temperance "Music Is My Life"
1995 Camille "A Deeper Shade of Love"
1996 BKS "Astroplane"
1997 Bran Van 3000 "Drinking In L.A."
1998 Love Inc. "Broken Bones"
1999 The Boomtang Boys f. Kim Esty "Squeeze Toy"
2000 Love Inc. "Here Comes The Sunshine"
2001 Sky "You"